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Bathe Under the Sun
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Bathe Under the Sun Feel Nature's Vibes

Reforestation and Forest Products Utilization



  • The Jiouming Community in Jiouru Township, Pingtung County - After the environmental reform, the community has become a beautiful garden.

In order to conserve forest resources, maintain vegetation cover on forest land, and promote carbon sequestration, the Bureau has undertaken a wide variety of afforestation and forest husbandry measures, including high mountain conservation, slope land restoration, afforestation of lowland and coastal areas and offshore islands, etc., [2. The Jiouming Community in Jiouru Township, Pingtung County - After the environmental reform, the community has become a beautiful garden.] strengthened restoration of degraded lands, later-stage care of forest plantations, restoration of coastal forest ecology, scenic afforestation of lowland areas, provision of incentives for afforestation, enhancement of community landscaping, cultivation of landscaping nursery stock, assisting the planting of roadside trees, and prevention of forest pests and diseases. In addition, in order to encourage long-term afforestation by private groups, the bureau has established an afforestation fund to provide incentives for afforestation work. The following are current afforestation strategies:

(1) Promotion of new green housing to improve the quality of people's living environment

(2) Strengthened restoration of degraded land; restoration of mountain forests

(3) Establishment of scenic coastal environmental forests serving as windbreaks and providing recreational and educational functions

(4) Providing incentives for afforestation in an effort to replenish forest resources

(5) Planting roadside trees in order to beautify the wayside environment

  • Dalu Forest Trail.
  • Coastal afforestation.

Between 2008 and 2013, the Green Afforestation Plan completed afforestation of 16,795 hectares and subsidized 2,112 community development associations for tree planting. It also finished newly planted coastal forests of 561 hectares, compound storied forests of 416 hectares, offshore island afforestation of 328 hectares and restoration of degraded lands of 5,566 hectares.


Utilization of Forest Products

Taiwan is endowed with a unique natural environment. Forestry management in Taiwan takes protection of national land as its foremost goal. A full-scale ban on the logging of natural forests was imposed in 1990, and the maximum annual lumber harvest was set at 200,000 cubic meters. In order to develop ways of utilizing domestic lumber and bamboo, the Bureau has called on industry, government, academia, and the research community to perform forest product R&D, and is promoting use of forest products and assisting marketing efforts. The Bureau has implemented the following forest product promotion measures:

  • Afforestation in the plain area in Gukeng township, Yunlin County--Formosan michelia.
  • Bamboo materials are utilized to develop LOHAS products.

Development of innovative forest product processing technology

(1) Construct a woody (bamboo) production technology system that fits Taiwan’s environments, develop an environment-friendly operational technology of forest harvesting, and boost sustainable management and utilization of forests.

(2) Develop quality bamboo innovative application technologies and products, apply them to various products on environmental protection, agriculture, household goods and building material, and improve the products’ added value.

(3) Apply special ingredients of Taiwan’s major planting tree species to medical and health care products, replace petrochemical materials with woody materials through modification technology, and apply them to green chemicals and agricultural materials.

  • Result of the afforestation on private land in Citong Township, Yunlin County--Mahogany
  • National afforestation campaign on Taiwan incense cedar in Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County.

Putting the forest product production and marketing system of a sound footing

(1) Conducting CAS superior product certification, and performing tracking inspections and drafting relevant certification standards in order to achieve safety, quality, and health goals.

(2) Establish forest producers’ cooperatives, construct woody and bamboo characteristic industry value chain, promote green procurement, establish a certificate of origin system for domestic woody and bamboo products, and create market and business opportunities for domestic legal forest products.

(3) Provide low-interest loans, assist to participate in international exhibitions and marketing activities, and expand international markets.

Table 1: Timber Production in 2009~2013

Timber Production in 2009~2013 Unit: M3
Year Grand Total Wood for General Purpose Fire Wood
National Forest Public and Private forest
Sub-Total Forestry Bureau Others
2009 27,800 13,997 7,509 6,488 11,180 2,624
2010 19,427 10,538 6,691 3,847 8,592 296
2011 24,013 14,146 7,031 7,385 8,857 740
2012 27,441 21,587 7,057 14,530 3,311 2,542
2013 34,908 25,747 19,077 6,670 1,037 8,123


Table 2: Forest Cutting Area in 2009~2013

Forest Cutting Area in 2009~2013 Unit: M3
Year Grand Total Wood for General Purpose
National Forest Public and Private forest
Sub-Total Forestry Bureau Others
2009 596 527 143 383 69
2010 721 668 154 514 53
2011 512 457 123 334 54
2012 529 468 110 359 61
2013 456 373 128 245 83
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