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Conservation Division

  1. Planning, reviewing, announcing, and operating various protected areas.
  2. Assessment of the collecting and hunting, export and import, and use of wildlife and protected species. 
  3. Coordination and collaboration of international conservation affairs. 
  4. Technological and academic research on nature conservation, as well as thematic plans. 
  5. Biodiversity conservation advocacy.
  6. Promoting community participation in nature conservation. 
Wildlife Conservation Sec.
Division affairs
  1. Designing and amending wildlife conservation laws.
  2. Managing the Wildlife Conservation Advisory Committee, wildlife assessment and classification, and compiling, modifying, and announcing protected wildlife lists. 
  3. Supervising and promoting wildlife conservation work at all levels of the government.
  4. Dealing with cases of violation against Wildlife Conservation Act and reviewing the report of such cases, in addition to giving rewards to the reportees and crack-down officers. 
  5. Rescuing and sheltering wildlife, as well as other necessary acts. 
  6. Handling wild animals which ruin farm and forest crops. 
  7. Designing wildlife export and import regulations and reviewing and archiving relevant applications. 
  8. Studying the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES and making files for relevant data. On-site checking of captive bred CITES species.
  9. Developing and promoting identification technique for wildlife products. 
  10. International conservation collaborations and inquiries.
  11. Overseas and domestic conservation organization meetings, technical exchange, and event participation.    
  12. Wildlife conservation research and promotion.
  13. Supervising and managing wildlife hunting by indigenous people for traditional fests. 
  14. Assessment of use of precious plants and animals for research and educational purposes. 
  15. Setting up and supporting natural conservation foundations. 
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Habitat Management Sec.
Division affairs
  1. Planning and deliberation of various protected areas.
  2. Setting plans and making announcements for various protected areas.
  3. Operation and management, surveying and monitoring, and supervision of various protected areas. 
  4. Operating the Natural Landscape Review Committee and supervising and promoting natural landscape conservation.
  5. Setting plans and making announcements for hunting and fishing areas.
  6. Supervising and promoting the operation and management of hunting and fishing areas.
  7. Deliberating and regularly reviewing operation and management plans for various protected areas and natural landscape maintenance management plans. 
  8. Applications for entering various protected areas.
  9. Community participation of strategic conservation plans.
  10. Community participation in conservation work.
  11. Cultivating natural conservation educators and promoting relevant ideas.
  12. Promoting biodiversity plans.
  13. Drafting, planning and promoting policies for mitigating harm done by invasive species.
  14. Studying habitat conservation and promoting the results.
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