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La La Shan Ecocenter

  • La La Shan Ecocenter


  • Founding Goal

    We preserve the Hinoki forest ecosystem, host environmental education events, and conduct monitoring surveys.

  • Characteristics

    The ecocenter integrates the natural and cultural resources of La La Shan and Cha Tien Shan. We focus on tourist services, environmental education, and academic research to exhibit the area’s precious and vulnerable mid-elevation ecosystem. We march toward being a world-class heritage site in Taiwan, and have set up a preservation advocacy and environmental education station. Outside of the ecocenter is the La La Shan Shenmu Trail along which you can see Benihi, Cypress, and mid-elevation organisms. We take pride in this unique trail.

  • Area intro

    La La Shan Ecocenter is a building with two floors above the ground and three underground floors. It is situated at the starting point of La La Shan Forest Trail. It provides a variety of services.
    Two floors above the ground: 1F is the tourist center that provides all kinds of services, and 2F is the conference space.
    Three underground floors: B1 is the ecological exhibition zone, introducing the La La Shan Ecosystem and local culture. It exhibits specimens of plants and animals by the following themes: styles of plants, plant protection, insect protection, fern discovery, vegetation characteristics, rare birds, and Atayal culture. B2 has a small food court that serves simple meals. The multimedia room on B3 regularly shows ecological documentaries. 
    Of all the ecocenters of the Forestry Bureau, La La Shan Ecocenter is the closest to a Benihi forest. We have built a 3,700 meter long trail surrounding the giant cypress trees. On both sides of the trail are 22 giant tree explanatory signs, which introduce tree species, age, and heights of the trees. This is one of the few Benihi forests that you can see up close.


Opening hours 08:00~17:00, Mondays~Sundays
Closed days Currently, the ecocenter is under maintenance
(Please contact La La Shan Management Station at 03-3912142)
Address No. 207 Balin, Hualin Village, Fu-Hsing District, Taoyuan City
Tel 86-3-391-2063
Management unit Hsinchu District Office, Forestry Bureau
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