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Launching 2007 Arbor Month-President Chen planted trees at Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP)

At 10 a.m. on February 4, 2007, Council of Agriculture (COA) of Executive Yuan hosted and held “Treasure Forests General Mobilization-2007 Arbor Month Activities” with the spirit of “Love Forests and Protect Lands, Start by Me!” to promote the work of greening environment at Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP) joyfully. President Chen, Shui-bian, Minister of Council of Agriculture (COA) Su, Jia-Chyuan, Secretary-General Huang, Yu-xing, Pingtung County Magistrate Tsao, Chi-Hong, Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park(PABP) Director Chen, Jian-bin, Forest Bureau Director Yen, Jen-Teh and 3,700 visitors together planted 10 more seedlings such as Lanyu magi, Small-leafed barringtonia, Mahogany, Chinese tallow-tree, Common jasminorange, Banana magnolia and so on. President Chen received a hearty welcome from fellow villagers on two sides of Pingtung’s streets and the populace strived to shake a hand with him in the site cheerfully. In the meantime, the populace was even more enthusiastic to plant trees.
It began vigorously with the fantastic performances from Taiwan’s aboriginal forest and hunter’s war dances of Yuan-Yuan culture art troupes for activities of Arbor Month this year. It set the site soaring by the appearance of the cute carton lucky mascot-Ashan. The following performance was 5 vivacious animal characters of forests-Arubao (Formosan Black Bear), Pike (Susscrofa), Apo (Taiwan monkey), Xiaolu (Formosan Sambar) and Sami (Hare) singing and dancing with the audience happy interactively. In addition, it was playing cento of recorder (wood) with natural sound, active drama of the firebug theater around the site cheerfully.
President Chen presented specially and addressed, forestry is one link of the agriculture to emphasize on developing the function of the forest public-service such as water resource conservation, national protection, ecological conservation and forest recreation. Council of Agriculture (COA) has associated communities to participate and manage natural resources by the autonomous public for the breathable healthy air from forests on flats in recent years. It is not only to promote the local development but establish satisfactory relationship with the community. Moreover, it enables to create unique local culture and associate with local traditional culture and biodiversity for the flourish commensal. In other words, it will create a win-win situation for forestry management and community development. President Chen further indicated that biotechnology is the high-tech industry and also the most competitive industry in the world for Taiwan someday. To look the result, Council of Agriculture (COA) associated agriculture and high-tech with care as prospects of agricultural development as well. Every tree we planted today and will grow up a tall tree with branches and leaves to symbolize the downward root, upward development of agriculture.
Minister of Council of Agriculture (COA), Su Jia-Chyuan also indicated that he submitted to President Chen to establish Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP) after his active strive when he was the Magistrate of Pingtung County in 2004. Therefore, it is particularly meaningful that is able to held 2007 Arbor Month Activities at Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP) this year. There is a biotechnology Park in the agricultural county, Pingtung is able to make the agriculture of Taiwan internationalization, create higher value of agriculture, 8,000 job opportunities and prosperous the economy of Pingtung absolutely. Minister Su further stated, national forests is 2.1 million hectares, covering 58% of Taiwan’s area. Council of Agriculture (COA) has promoted the work for beautiful greening on the reforestation of flats landscape for five years. There have been planted trees on 13,000 hectares of land as 50 Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Parks (PABPs) almost. The more trees we plant, the better living environment and climate we have. This year we are going to plant tree on 1,500 hectares of land. Taiwan is a flourish greening island really with many green and agricultural lands.
Pingtung County Magistrate Tsao, Chi-Hong highly appreciated President Chen and Council of Agriculture (COA) managed the land of Pingtung in southern Taiwan with care. In the meantime, Magistrate Tsao stated, to plant tree is one merits and virtues. Forestry Bureau has planted trees on 3,000 hectares of Pingtung’s area soon after the inaugural of President Chen till the end of last year. It is the largest asset from President Chen and Forestry Bureau for Pingtung since the area of Pingtung will be a forested outlook.
President Chen complimented and awarded the superior excellent national greening model communities: Zhonglu Community Development Association of Alian in Kaohsiung County, Xinzhong Community Development Association of Wandan in Pingtung County and other 9 model communities during the activity. After the ceremony of award, President Chen inserted one-dollar coin into a special elaborate design “Bamboo Piggy Bank of Bamboo Herald Safety” by his hand. Moreover, he with 3,700 visitors together shook bamboo piggy bank with sound by their hands to symbolize “A Yuan Returns, Everything Renewed” and “Bamboo Herald Safety, Loving Forests Sound Together-Sweetheart Transmitted to Thousand Miles Away”. It is so meaningful particularly that national loving forests’ sound can transmit to everywhere in Taiwan before the eve of Chinese New Year.
The following activity was to plant trees. President Chen, Minister Su and Magistrate Tsao together planted the tree of hope “Lanyu magi”. In the meantime, enthusiastic populace also together participated to plant Mahogany, Chinese tallow-tree, Common jasminorange and Banana magnolia and turn “Love Forests & Protect Lands” into the action.
There were eat and play activities happily in the site such as agricultural products sale, the game of the earth-obstacle overcome, prizes of puzzles, and nearly 7,000 free seedlings of Taiwan aglaia, Sweet osmanthus, Common jasminorange, Banana magnolia from Council of Agriculture (COA). The entire activity concluded satisfactorily at noon to attract near 3,700 enthusiastic visitors for participation. It is able to know more information of each activity on 2007 Arbor Month and visit Forestry Bureau web site ( before click on “Treasure Forests General Mobilization”.
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