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“Heavenly Chorus Lintianshan Concert Festival” Happy Ending in the Songs Storied Forestry

The”Orphic Lintianshan Concert Festival”, held by the Hualien Forest District Office, was rounded off by the melodious songs after two concerts on May 11 and May 12.
The two concerts were located at the Performance Hall of Hualien Culture Center and Jhongshan Hall of Lintianshan Forestry Cultural Park. A poem, The Autumn of Molishaka, was recital by Mr. Ye Rih-Song as the curtain raiser. Then followed the Partita, Lintianshan Memory Lane, in the first of the two scenes. The Partita, songwriting by Professor Ye Rih-Song and composition by .Professor Lin Dao-Sheng, described the activities of daily living that used to be in the logging community, Lintianshan. Songs of Lintianshan’s Children, Songs for Siaojioufen(an alternative name of Lintainshan), Moon Light Lintianshan, Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys, Avowal of Logging Funicular, and Molishaka, etc. all of them revealed the ways of a logging village in the past.
Programs in the second scene, Partita of Melodic Lintainshan, performed to the audiences in carol as well. It contained Song of Logging, Busy Train, Childhood on the Matchwood Mountain, Slowly the Wanli River and Autumn of Molishaka, etc. The music, aesthetic and lyrics, vibrating in the memory of Lintainshan, enchanted the audiences with the recall of glorious old days. When the concert came to the end in the song “Autumn of Molisaca”, a burst of applause echoed the Hall, flaming the mood to the apex.
To accelerate the progress of forestry culture,the Hualien Forestry District Office has held all kinds of performing arts since 2002, said the Office Director Mr. Lai Jian-Sing. In addition to the concerts, there werewoodcraft contest, aborigines Amei relics exhibition, forest image engraving display and festival of mineral beauty were some of them. The performances typically welcome local artists and groups to join, therefore the feedback of the local residents helps to enjoy the art creativities in Lintainshan. By means of a music concert festival, Lintainshan Forestry Cultural Park not only takes the responsibility of forestry culture restoration but also aims to plug the area into the art appearances, Director Lai added. The goal is boost the cultural inspiration of Hualien people in the long term.
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