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COA Minster Su, Jia-Chyuan Inspects Forest Railroad Tunnel Collapse

The Minster of the Council of Agriculture (COA) Su, Jia-Chyuan inspected the June 23rd cave-in of Alishan Forest Railroad Tunnel no.42 on June 26th, 2007. He gave orders that the tunnel should be recovered in a limited time. He also praised the colleagues who made an adequate emergency rescue, and encouraged them with a bonus.
Tunnel no.42 of Alishan Forest Railroad, which is located at 59K away from the Chiayi starting point of the line, caved in around 4pm. June 23rd, 2007. The continuous heavy rain at the Alishan area caused a 100 meter landslide at the upper slope of Tunnel no.42, and consequently collapsed the tunnel. The Minster of COA Su, Jia-Chyuan took great concern about the accident and charged the authority, the Forestry Bureau, to take good care of the recovery right after he was informed about the slide.
Minister Su, accompanied by Director General Yen, Jen-Teh of the Forestry Bureau, Director Ye, Siian-liang of the Chiayi Forest District Office, then inspected the collapse scene on June 26th. He ordered that the recovery construction should take account of the safety of the passengers and the transportation, and be completed at an emergence pace. The assembly included removing the fallen soil and rocks, repairing the roadways and making the rock slide barrier. Minister Su also instructed the Chiayi Forest District Office to restore the transportation and the tunnel as soon as possible.
The Alishan Forest Railroad is an important cultural heritage, Minster Su said. Besides the recovery engineering, he expected that the transportation should keep going by connecting lines. Minister Su ordered that the Forestry Bureau coordinate with the Chiayi county government to manage the connecting bus between the Shihzihlu station and the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. Tourists can still take the train from the Chiayi starting point of the Alishan Forest Railroad to the Shihzihlu station, and carry on the journey to the recreation area by bus.
“It was very comforting that the train drivers could make an adequate response in time to avoid the tragedy, and this revealed the excellent ability of crisis management”,Minister Su said. He gave a reward to the four drivers, who included Mr. Lin, Jhen-Gci. The morale of the repairing work team was also cheered up by the encouragement of Minister Su. 
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