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“Frog! Frog! Come Together” Shows the Largest Farmland Green Treefrog in Taiwan

The opening of the “Frog! Frog! Come Together” activity was held on July 14th at the Nanyuan Resort Farm, Liouying Township, Tainan County. The ecological narration event was hosted by the Farm and Chiayi Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau. While the Director General of the Bureau, Mr. Yen Jen-The, unveiled the largest farmland green treefrog (Rhacophorus arvalis Lue, Lai & Chen), represented in a handicraft made from Camphor wood, the audience was amazed by the scene.
Embraced by the loudly hilarious sound of firecrackers, the activity was opened in the morning of the 14th. The key melody “Evening Frogs” performed by the traveling singer Lee Bin-Ghuei echoed the subject, moreover adding a sprightly atmosphere to the scene which brought the audience into a cheerful mood. Then the Director General Yen and the Chairman of the Farm, Wu Tian-Su, together unveiled the largest woodcraft of the farmland green treefrog in Taiwan. The 120cm tall, 65cm high carving vividly expressed the treefrog most likely hopping into the audience!
During every summer vacation, the Chiayi Forest District Office and the Nanyuan Resort Farm pool the ecological narration activities to educate the people to a better understanding of the local ecosystem and protection of the environment. For this year, the common and well-known frogs of Taiwan were offered as the topic. More than 20 species of frogs were exhibited on the scene, such as the Ornata ricefrog (Microhyla ornate), the Golden-lined frog (Rana plancyi, Lataste), Sauter's brown frog (Rana sauteri, Boulenger), the Japanese Buerger's frog (Buergeria japonicas), the Farmland green treefrog (Rhacophorus arvalis Lue, Lai & Chen) and so on. Besides, all kinds of insect specimens and creatures were also included in the exhibition to fully represent the abundant biodiversity of Taiwan.
In addition to the display, ecological games designed by the Chiayi Forest District Office such as “Frog! Frog! Fun Taiwan – Let’s Go” and the frog-shaped Pottery Coloring were very popular in the activity. Others, such as the dolls and soft toys from other countries, also enriched the festivity. And the cold drinks which can never be forgotten during summer time, such as Taiwanese tapioca dessert ’ Frog Eggs’ and wild jelly fig were provided by the host free.
The Forest District Office hopes that through the activity, it not only can let the people experience the abundant biodiversity of Taiwan, but also enhance the native natural education.
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