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Senior National Forestry Volunteer Praised by the Golden Camel Award

Senior National Forestry Volunteer Praised by the Golden Camel AwardThe 21st Golden Camel Award competition held by The Voluntary Service Association, R.O.C.(Taiwan), and supervised by The Ministry of the Interior, has given honor to outstanding volunteers. The prizewinners were chosen from the volunteers who have been granted the “Volunteer Service Record Booklet” and prized with the “1st Class Volunteer Service Medal” by business units such as bureaus, organizations, schools, foundations and groups etc. They also can be chosen from members of the public who have made an extraordinary contribution to the voluntary service.
The candidates, qualified with 10 years and a minimum of 1,500 volunteer service hours, had gone through a series of screening processes held by the Association and followed by an expert prize committee. Only eight volunteers are selected to be the Golden Camel Award winners. Mr. Chen Jiian-Jhe of the Pingtung Forest District Office Volunteers is the only one among numbers of National Forestry Volunteers candidates who received the Golden Camel Award. Mr. Chen, who used to be an elementary school teacher for decades, not only has enlightened hundreds of pupils but also is a nature lover with great concern for environmental issues. He has devoted himself to the treasures of Formosa by joining the National Forestry Volunteers of the Pingtung Forest District Office after retiring.
Being a National Forest Volunteer, Mr. Chen Jiian-Jhe is accomplished in every aspect of ecological knowledge as well as public speaking skills and always gives profound theories in simple language. Via his narration, every flower and every plant, every tree and every shrub, has come into a whole new picture to the audiences; these vivid impressions make the trips worthwhile to the visitors. Besides narrating in the National Forest Recreation Area, Mr. Chen helps ecotourism and natural conservation duties as well. He has been awarded by the Bureau with volunteer-related awards: the Fir-Tree Award, the Camphor-Tree Award, the Formosan-Red-Cypress Award and the honorable “Friend of National Forest” Award. Hence, the Golden Camel Award goes undoubtedly to Mr. Chen in reality as well as in name.
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