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Shuangliou lily Season in Bloom

Shuangliou lily Season in BloomA fabulous lily blooming is now at its high tide on the surroundings of Sunny Green, Shuangliou National Forest Recreation Area. Every year around July and August, the lily will come to flower with delightful fragrance which always refreshes the visitors. 
The lily has a worldwide flower symbol of holiness and purity. In ancient China, literati counted the delighted scented lily flowers along with daffodil, gardenia, plum, chrysanthemum, osmanthus and jasmine as “the Seven Fragrances”.
Lily turns to the name Baihe - the Hundred Cuddles, meaning harmony forever, in Chinese. It gains the allegory by the white-lotus-shaped bulb, which is embraced by dozens of white, plump scales. From that, the lily also has an alternative blessing name, Long-lived Daisy. Nowadays, people still use the good name of lily for a hearty blessing.
Taiwan and Japan are the flower production areas of the lily. The flowers bloom during summer seasons. Pure, elegant and noble is the flower language of lily.
Other than lily, it is the flowering season for Queen Crepe Myrtle《 Lagerstroemia speciosa (Linn.) Pers.》in the Recreation Area. Six lavender petals surround the golden stamens together that make the delicate Myrtle’s flower. Strings of them waving in the wind beautify the area even more. 
India Barringtonia (Barringtonia asiatica(L.)Kurz), another special plant species is in flower at this season as well. The unique one-night bloom, with white calyx and pinkish thrum, flourish only at night. It falls off, not even waiting for wilting, once the dawn comes.
Slow down your pace, take a good look at the grass and the trees; it is easy to find that every flower is an entire world which is full of the meaning of ecological wisdom.
Want to have a picture with the lilies in Shuangliou ?
Drive toward the Taitung direction at 13k from Fonggang. The Shuangliou National Forest Recreation Area is beside South Route Highway, Lion Township, Pingtung County. 
More info: http://recreation.forest.gov.tw/RA_E/RA_17.html
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