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Happy 11th Birthday, National Forest Volunteers

Happy 11th Birthday, National Forest VolunteersIt has been eleven years since the Forestry Bureau organized the National Forest Volunteer Team in 1996. During these years, the volunteers have come side by side with the Bureau to make great progress in helping ecotourism and environmental education promotion. Every year, the Volunteer Annual Convention provides the team members a chance to know each other and to share their experiences. Through communication, they learn more from each other as well as give encouragement, which all together strengthen their enthusiasm for the unpaid duties.
This year, the Volunteer Annual Convention was held in Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area and Sun-Moon-Lake Youth Activity Center, said the Nantou Forest District Office Director, Tian Jhih-Cheng(田志城). The volunteers of the Bureau, the Endemic Species Research Institute and the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute were invited. Moreover, the Experimental Forest volunteers of National Taiwan University and Chung-Hsing University were welcome to the Convention for the first time to broaden the cooperation between the administrative sections and educational schools.
At the Annual Convention, a special team, the Taichung Huei-Ming School Junior Orchestra, was invited to give a performance. The players are either blind or disabled. However, the school, which is funded by the private sector and free for the tuition fee, not only offers the students complete education courses but also teaches them independent living skills for daily life. Furthermore, the Junior Orchestra was especially set up to stimulate the children’s potential. While the students performed at the Convention, all the audiences felt the determination of the kids to fight for their fates; that spirit also strengthens the determination of the volunteers to devote themselves to Mother Nature.
While the Convention went on in the Recreation Area, the Orienteering was arranged for the participants. The sport has no limitation on gender or age, all the participants are required to complete the game only by using compasses, maps and their own knowledge, judgment and physical capability. The one who can complete all the checking points in the shortest time will be the winner. The goal for the sport is to strengthen the physical and mental abilities, also the spirits of the participants via an interesting outdoors activity.
At the moment, while under a limitation of government budget and labor, the efforts of the volunteers are especially important for helping the improvement of forest knowledge and natural conservation concepts to the people, the District Office Director Tian Jhih-Cheng(田志城) said. It is important to let people know what is right or what is wrong for the forest; hence, they will love the forest and care about it. At this moment, the categories of the volunteer services are focusing on forest recreation and nature conservation; in the future, more volunteers in the fields of forest protection, forest management, water shade management and natural resource investigation will be needed. We hope the organization of the volunteer service can be complete and satisfactory in every forestry management aspect.
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