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Wings of the Mountain: The Grey-faced Hawks(灰面鵟鷹) in October at Tengjhih(藤枝)

Wings of the Mountain: The Grey-faced Hawks(灰面鵟鷹) in October at Tengjhih(藤枝)Every October, while the Grey-faced Hawks (Butastur indicus,灰面鵟鷹) are migrating, people are used to coming to Kending(墾丁) and Manjhou(滿州) for the hawk watching. However, few of us would think that the 1500-meter-high mountain area, where the Tengjhih(藤枝) National Forest Recreational Area stands, could also have a great view of the hawk migration.
The Tengihih National Forest Recreational Area, which belongs to the Baoshan village of Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung County (高雄縣桃源鄉寶山村), can be easily reached by driving from Liouguei(六龜) via the direction of Baolai(寶來). After crossing the bridge of Bangfu River(邦腹溪橋), turn right and up the Tengihih Forest Road, follow the approximately 19 km drive, and it comes to the 1500-meter-high, mid-altitude Recreational Forest. The flourishing forest not only provides a great habitat for all kinds of wild animals, but also becomes a migration stop-over for the Grey-faced hawks every October. 
These days early in the morning, tourists could have the good fortune to watch hawk migration. The hawks usually come to rest in the forest in the evening, and are ready to fly south at dawn. They first hover above the forest by way of the upward airstream, and then spiral, which makes them look like a column of hawks, if there are enough of them. When the condition of the airstream is suitable, the flock flies away all at the same time toward its next destination, which creates a magnificent scenery of the hawks-ocean.
“Wild Birds Protection, Eagle Hunting Prohibited”, the idea, no matter if carried out via the conservation works or the promoting activities, was greatly emphasized by the forest unites and ecosystem protection NGOs during recent years, said the Director of the Pingtung Forest District Office, Mr. Ching, Yi-Chang(簡益章). People are gradually having a better concept of wild bird protection. Therefore, the Tengjhih(藤枝) National Forest Recreational Area could turn into a great spot for people to admire the hawk migration besides enjoying the fresh forest aroma. Director Ching calls for nature lovers and all of the people to come to Tengjhih(藤枝) at this season. After all, the great scenery of the wild bird migration should never be missed.
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