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Forestry Bureau holds the first-ever Forestry Market to promote and educate the public about the largest service industry in Taiwan

Between March 24th and March 26th, 2017, a total of 115 booths exhibiting hundreds of domestic lumber products were featured at the nation’s first-ever Forestry Market in Taipei’s Huashan Theater and Huashan Central Creative Park. The Forestry Bureau under the Council of Agriculture, the event’s organizer, invited 74 domestic lumber goods manufacturers and groups to showcase specialty products they developed, which included building materials, craftwork, bamboo and charcoal boutique goods, wood pellets, essential oil, skincare products, detergent, flower/fruits/nectar extracts and related by-products. The market also featured forest eco-tour packages, forest-community specialty goods, as well as exhibits such as wooden cabins built by Jang Chang Lumber Industry Ltd. Co. and “drift pin joint” technology adopted by Te Feng Lumber Co. Ltd. All members of the public were invited to view the exhibits free of charge.

The Forestry Bureau indicated that 60% of the land in Taiwan is covered by green forests, which provides fresh air, clean water, beautiful landscapes, animal and plant habitats, raw material for food and medicine, as well as protection against flood, among other natural disasters. Forestry has done much service to Taiwan, but not many people are aware of the benefits that forest ecosystem brings to them.  This is why the Forestry Bureau organized the first Forestry Market in conjunction with the International Day of Forests on March 21 to educate the public about this large service industry and the significant roles it plays in our daily lives. In fact, March is also the tree-planting month in Taiwan.

The Forestry Bureau pointed out that the Forestry Market is an innovative and large-scale attempt to exhibit hundreds of lumber-related specialty products, with applications spanning both business and household usages. In conjunction with the theme of the 2017 International Day of Forests, “Forest and Energy”, the market also included exhibits such as “Gasification of Wood-Based Materials for Energy Recovery” from National Chung Hsing University, products manufactured from combustion steams of un-used bark as a kind of wood-drying energy from Wood Work Shop and wood pellets produced through biofuel technology from Ynidyi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The market also featured collaborations with the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute to educate visitors about the cultural applications of wood and bamboo craftwork, such as on-site wood and bamboo craft-making events.

The Forestry Bureau also said that the Forestry Market aimed to promote domestic wood and bamboo products and increase public understanding of Taiwan’s forestry industry via interactive sessions with wood and bamboo business owners. During the event, a total of 30 15-minute seminars were held at the main stage to allow manufacturers to introduce their products and to encourage participants to answer questions to get free gifts. The goal was to boost the sales and popularity of domestic lumber products.

The site plan of the Forestry Market was based on a fairytale theme, divided into 6 different areas: 1. Domestic lumber products, 2. Wood structures for engineering purposes, 3. Forest-community specialty products, 4. Eco-tour packages, 5. Natural dye and bamboo craftwork, and 6. Wood-based game DIY. The market was surrounded by lumber and drift-wood installations to appeal to children and adults in a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

The Forestry Market also featured an exhibition area to educate visitors on the diverse and valuable services of the forest ecosystem, related knowledge in domestic lumber materials, and importance of the green conservation labels. The visitors were also invited to identify different types of seeds and lumber cross-sections, making the market an educational destination for student and family visitors wishing to learn about the forests of Taiwan.

The Forestry Bureau also aims to promote the International Day of Forests on March 21 by rescheduling the seedlings-gifting event to 9am on March 25 in front of Huashan Central Creative Park, where the Forestry Market was held. Participants lined up to receive the saplings formed the numbers 3, 2 and 1 as the Forestry Bureau took aerial pictures with drone cameras to record the festive event.

Aside from people being able to receive two saplings (camellia and rhododendron) and a small souvenir for participating in March 25’s photo shoot, the venue also featured other activities such as stamp collecting, social media check-in giveaways and wood-sawing competitions. The Forestry Market was open from the afternoon of March 24 to 4:30pm on the 26th (closed at 7pm on the 24th and 25th). You are cordially invited to take a mini trip to the Forestry Market!

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