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The strongest cold spell in the winter strikes! Beware of mountain activities. Play

       According to the weather forecast of the Central Weather Bureau, there will be a strong continental air mass southwards from the evening today (31th). The cold spell intensity is strongest from Saturday (February 3rd) to next Monday (February 5th). The lowest temperature of the north of the central Taiwan may go down to 8°C, and the temperature will be low everywhere. Snowflake opportunities exist in the National Forest Recreation Areas such as Hehuan Mountain, Taiping Mountain and Wuling. The Forestry Bureau advises visitors to consult the Central Weather Bureau about the weather in the mountains and traffic conditions before setting off, or to check the post-snowfall control measures on Forestry Bureau Global-Info website and Taiwan Mountain Forest Youyou website (such as the opening and closing time, adding snow chains, warning closed off-roads, etc.).
       The Forestry Bureau also reminded the public that when planning a trip to the National Forest Recreation Area and alpine hiking during the cold spell, you should prepare enough warm clothing. When the temperature in the mountains drops below freezing or snowfall occurs, the roads and trails will be slippery or frozen. In case of walking, attention should be paid to safety. When taking pictures, you should also beware of the passing vehicles; the snow chains should be added to the vehicle and keep safe distances from the vehicle in front to avoid slipping and other accidents.
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