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Documentary Season of Healing Wins Two Awards at The Accolade Competition

1.Award of Merit: Nature / Environment / Wildlife
2.Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Feature 
Wins Award in The Accolade Competition

Season of Healing – a Satoyama Story about the Forests, Rivers, Fields, and Sea of Xinshe Village in Fengbin Township, Hualien County is a documentary directed by Yen Wen-ru and Chang Yuan-yu. Vision Way Communication Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the Hualien Forest-District Office, Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. for the making of this documentary. The documentary entered the Accolade Competition in the USA and won two awards – “Award of Merit: Nature / Environment / Wildlife” and “Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Feature”. This not only brought glory to Taiwan, but also gave encouragement and recognition to the Forestry Bureau, Fuxing Settlement, Xinshe Settlement, National Dong Hwa University, and other entities from various fields for their efforts in promoting the satoyama and satoumi movement, which focuses on harmonious coexistence between human and nature.
Established in 2003, the Accolade Competition is a prestigious global film competition which has now entered its 15th year. Rick Prickett, host of the film competition, said: “It is not easy to win an award at the Accolade Competition. We have received thousands of entries from production companies and talented people from all over the world. The judges make their decisions according to very high standards. Every winner truly deserves the glory. ” Detailed report on how the awards were won: .
The documentary Season of Healing – a Satoyama Story about the Forests, Rivers, Fields, and Sea of Xinshe Village in Fengbin Township, Hualien County was filmed in the Fuxing Settlement of the Amis tribe, and the Xinshe Settlement of the Kavalan tribe. Both are located in Xinshe Village, Fengbin Township, Hualien County. It is a place that encompasses forests, rivers, villages, and sea. Starting from the end of 2016, the directors and the film crew spent a year and a half living in the village. They went up the mountains, farmed, and went out to sea with members of the tribe. They followed the tribe’s daily routine and nature’s rhythms, and started filming a most truthful documentary.
The documentary focuses on two groups of young people as main characters throughout, including Chang Hui-fen, Huang Shu-chen, Teng Tun-fang, and Lin Kuang-sheng from the Fuxing Settlement, as well as the group named the “Eight Fools” formed by Lin Yu-fei, Kung Li-yun, Pan Kuo-hsiang, Pang Jung-hua, Lin Yu-hsiang, Lin-Sung Yang-chung from the Xinshe Settlement. The two groups of young people have the mountain on one side and the sea on the other where they live; they farm in the same catchment area. They all voluntarily left the city to return to the settlement. There, they actively promote environmentally friendly farming and environmental conservation. While they take on traditional wisdom and culture from the elders, they are also trying out new technologies and practices. By practicing what they advocate, they hope to persuade more people not to spray pesticides or use fertilizer. Their aim is to allow the land to return to health, and to let the streams and the sea recover as well.
At the same time, they are trying to work with entities in various fields, including the Forestry Bureau, soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Agriculture and Food Agency, and National Dong Hwa University. These are some of the more than 20 private and government entities that form the Eco-agriculture and Satoyama Initiative Platform. This platform is Taiwan’s first multi-professional, cross-disciplinary, cross-community parallel cooperation between organizations. By gathering the strength of all people, the Eco-agriculture and Satoyama Initiative Platform hopes to create more environmentally friendly industries and opportunities for Xinshe Village, situated next to Provincial Highway 11. The Platform also hopes to encourage more young people to return to their hometowns, where they can instill vitality and lasting hope in aging tribes.
“Cherish the environment passed down from the ancestors; identify with and carry on tribal culture.” - this vision appears to be wonderful, yet it is very difficult to take action towards, as it requires the process of going from having inner anxiety to the practice of self-reflecting for the future. To young people and tribal villages, what are the meanings of satoyama and satoumi? And what changes will this kind of cooperation bring?
Hualien Forest-District Office Director Yang Jui-fen said: “A complete description of the harmonious and intertwined relationship between the forest, rivers, farmlands, the sea, and the daily life of the settlements is given through the filming of the documentary. In addition, the Satoyama Initiative is made a reality through the multi-interest stakeholder platform formed by entities from various fields. It is hoped that this documentary will also promote the Satoyama Initiative, so that more environmentally friendly farming projects will be implemented throughout the country. This will encourage more people to support and take practical steps towards being environmentally friendly. ”
Directors Yen Wen-ju and Chang Yuan-yu said: “Season of Healing is a documentary that pays tribute to the satoyama and satoumi of Taiwan with pure truth; a documentary that rejuvenates life with the power of youth. The reason for letting young people be the main characters of the documentary is that they are people who truly take action. Young people must be willing to take action in the satoyama and satoumi movement, which promotes harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. This is what brings hope to the future of environmental sustainability. However, achieving ecological conservation is not enough for young people. Although they can keep their bodies warm and their stomachs full as they live a self-sufficient life in villages between the mountains and the sea, other practical considerations cannot be avoided. Life and production must both be considered, so that young people can truly coexist with nature. This process is precisely the true story we documented. For Taiwan - a country that is working towards protecting satoyama and satoumi – this film is a beginning, and is one stage. ”
On August 13 and 20, 2018, the premiere of Season of Healing at the two tribal villages received a great response. The atmosphere at the premiere was heart-warming and moving. Many members of the tribe were moved to tears; others let out joyful laughter. The two groups of young people documented were even more deeply moved. They looked back at the “foolish things” that they did for the tribe and the land over the past year or more. It made them more convinced of the value and meaning of taking action.
The full version of this film has been specially screened on the Internet for a limited time since August 21. It has been shared continuously on Facebook and YouTube, constantly receiving praise. People on the Internet have said: “They're such hard-working people. I am so moved! ”, “It’s so heart-warming. I’m tearing up! ”, “Behind every light-hearted laugh, there is true hard work and courage.”, “This is the most loving documentary I’ve ever seen” People who are interested are welcome to enjoy Season of Healing online before September 21 (
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Introduction to the American Accolade Film Competition
The Accolade Film Competition is one of a kind in the industry. Providing a promotional platform for outstanding filmmakers, this is a true and special international award competition, not a traditional film festival. It allows filmmakers from around the world to submit their films as entries to this famous competition. It was named by America’s MovieMaker Magazine one of the top 25 film festivals worth the entry fee.
Awards at the Accolade Film Competition are divided into four levels based on quality and creativity: Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, Award of Recognition, and Best of Show.
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