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Online Booking Application and Payment to Soon be Launched for Tianchi Cottage Camping Sites

In order to promote the management of the Nenggao Cross-ridge Histoic Trail carrying capacity, as well as maintain the major wildlife habitat i, and to take into account the fair and reasonable application of public resources, the Tianchi cottage  camping sites will begin to charge visitors from January 1, 2019.
"Tianchi Cottage" is located at 13 kilometers of the Nenggao cross-ridge historic trail west section which is a popular hiking route in tTaiwan. Due to the increasing number of hiking tourists, often far exceeding the capacity of Tianchi cottage and affecting the surrounding environment, after careful review, the Nantou Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau has re-organized the field often used by hikers for camping in front of the cottage. There are 19 stander camping sites and 3 large camping sites. In addition, sinks, intercepting ditches, and water collecting wells have also been planned. It will centralize the management of the waste water to avoid unplanned dumping or flooding. These camp sites are estimated to have the capacity to accommodate up to 100 people. In addition to the original accommodation spaces in the cottage, a comprehensive hiking and rest experience can be provided to 188 people in a single day. Apart from the camping sites already designated, the rest of the field within the bounds of Tianchi cottage is prohibited for camping. The capacity of the hikers and visitors will be controlled via volume in order to effectively reduce the environmental impact. When ensuring the public can have a great recreational experience, the conservation of the forest environment can still be taken into consideration.
Nantou Forest District Office stated that in addition to resource conservation, in order to implement the management and user payment principle, a charging standard will be set up, stander campings sites (*3m*3m) will be NT$500 on weekdays, and NT$600 on weekends and holidays. Large campings sites (4m*4m) will be NT$700 on weekdays, and NT$800 on weekends and holidays. Hikers planning to visit the mountain can apply online on the Tianchi Hills website. In order to handle the system conversion, the website will be down for one day, and the application for the camp will be accepted from the next day. In addition, the application for accommodation at Tianchi Hills and the charging and refund standards will be adjusted simultaneously. The rules above will take effect on January 1, 2019, and the exact date will be announced on the website of Tianchi cottage (
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