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Mobile Payment Now Launched! Mobile Payment Available Now for National Forest Recreation Areas

    The era of mobile payment has dawned and from now on, the public can link their credit card to four mobile payment operators including APPLE PAY, SAMSUNG PAY, GOOGLE PAY or TAIWAN PAY and use them for NFC contactless mobile payment in 12 national forest recreation areas such as Taipingshan, as well as the Taipingshan Bong Bong Train and Wulai Log cart Station to purchase tickets!
    The Forestry Bureau said that the popularization of mobile payment is an important policy of the Executive Yuan. The Forestry Bureau had overcome difficulties such as the remoteness of mountainous regions, and the instability of the power and network systems to set up payment and internet facilities for Taipingshan, Full Moon, Neidong, Dongyanshan, Basianshan, Daxueshan, Aowanda, Alishan, Kenting, Shuangliu, Zhiben, Chinan National Forest Recreation Area, Bong Bong Train, and Wulai Log cart Station, and introduced four major mobile payment operators for the ticket purchase service. This is in response to the Executive Yuan's goal of achieving a mobile payment penetration rate of 90% by 2025, to provide domestic and international visitors with more convenient ticket purchase options so that everyone can achieve "one device in hand to enjoy Taiwan".
    The Forestry Bureau said that the national forest recreation areas are rich in natural resources. The concentration of negative ions and phytoncide in the forests are several times higher than that of the cities. The various biological properties of phytoncide can improve human immunity and balance the body and mind. It can also directly intercept the suspended particles in the air and reduce the concentration of PM2.5. The public are encouraged to visit the national forest recreation areas and relax their mind and soul to the songs of birds and insects while enjoying the waterfalls and rivers.
     For information on other national forest recreation areas and forestry railways, please visit the Forestry Bureau's Facebook page "TW Forest", Taiwan Forest Recreation website (http://recreation.forest.gov.tw/), and the Forestry Bureau website (http://www.forest.gov.tw/).
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