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Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion "Treehouse and Cedar Forests" Wins the Excellent Exhibitor Image Award at the Taipei Building Show for Three Consecutive Years

Today (December 14th), at the Nangang Exhibition Center, the 31st Taipei Building Show specially commended the 30 exhibitors who won the "Excellent Exhibitor Image Award". Co-organized by the Forestry Bureau and the NTU Experimental Forest Management Office, 17 domestic timber producers jointly created the Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion, and exhibited for the third year running. The theme this year was "Treehouse and Cedar Forests". After being evaluated by the architects on the Taipei Building Show committee on criteria such as "product practicality innovation", "furnishing and overall experience", and "professional interpretation", the Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion stood out among 550 exhibitors and won the "Excellent Exhibitor Image Award" for the third consecutive year. It is very heartening that each time the Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion participate in the show, it has won positive responses.
The Forestry Bureau pointed out that, in order to promote domestic timber, this year's exhibition curating plan specifically extended the theme to "production, lifestyle, and ecology". After many intensive discussions, the planning team broke away from the general format of selling merchandise from the individual producers separately at the trade show, and changed it to a "group tactic" method. They brought 17 domestic private companies that use domestic timber and bamboo together and built a collaboration, where they each played to their unique strengths, and created a complete experience. Some visitors exclaimed, "I thought I was visiting a museum!"
The Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion used Taiwan's indigenous wood and bamboo materials as the main construction components of the entire pavilion, showcasing green building materials on behalf of Taiwan. The natural aroma of wood permeated the exhibition venue, while the elegant ingenuity of the products and the design of the exhibition area stunned many domestic and foreign industry professionals, students, and general consumers.
Among the 17 domestic timber producers that participated in this exhibition, Kuenjin Industrial Co., Ltd. demonstrated magnificent ecological craftsmanship onsite, TWBwood showed Taiwan acacia guitars, Xiang Lu Handcraft exhibited non-toxic utensils, and Jang Chang Lumber Industry Limited Company filled the exhibition area with lively animal panel furniture. Hoi Co., Ltd. showcased fun children's wooden ball pits, General Veneer Laminated Corp. stunned everyone with their lamination techniques, and Sen Hsin Industrial Co., Ltd. offered beer brewed using Taiwan acacia wood, which created a queue at the scene. Wang Liang Wood Flooring Co., Ltd. showed off stunning super-thin wood flooring craftsmanship, Zhen Mao Wood Industry Co., Ltd. exhibited wide-diameter logs, while Yuan Li Bamboo Co., Ltd. provided the only Makino bamboo appointed by Japanese kendo. Yong Teng Wood Co., Ltd., and Pu Yuan Art Workshop showcased bamboo couches you must sit on to experience just how comfortable they are. Bamboo-Lai Culture & Creative, who already have popular products, brought bamboo ball installation art. The NTU Experimental Forest Timber Utilization Practice Factory constructed the main structure of the exhibition area, Yongzai Forestry Co. offered the first FSC-produced mushrooms in the world, and the premium table and chair set of Liano Biotech Co., Ltd. allowed companies to negotiate business in a relaxing environment, and Te Feng Lumber Co., Ltd. used miniature models to present the craftsmanship of the entire construction. All of the companies and their products completely upgraded the Taiwan Pavilion to a professional museum level together, and the companies all showcased the strengths of their products.
The Forestry Bureau said that the Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion organized multiple interactive experiences every day to explain the characteristics and advantages of domestic timber. The Forestry Bureau hopes that through this exhibition, people will better understand, recognize and support domestic timber. At the same time, the bureau also hopes that, through this professional platform, the high-quality products from Taiwan's forest industry can be recommended to connoisseurs of architectural design, interior design, and building materials at home and abroad.
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