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Shuangliu Nature Center Partnering Up with Local Businesses and Growing Together with the Children of Indigenous Communities

    Shuangliu Nature Center is situated in an indigenous community (Shihzih Township) in Pingtung County. Many of the children from the indigenous communities have relatively fewer opportunities to come to the local Shuangliu Nature Center to learn about and experience nature. Therefore, in the spirit of long-term companionship and to provide environmental education, the Center has partnered with local Hengchun Peninsula business "Gloria Manor" to implement the "Mountain Forest Seed Environmental Education Foundation Plan". In 2019, a series of environmental education activities were planned for four indigenous community schools, including Shihzih Junior High School, Fenglin Elementary School, Danlu Elementary School, and Caopu Elementary School. Twenty activity sessions were organized with a total of 856 participants. These activities will accompany and grow together with the pupils in the Shuangliu area and help the concept of environmental sustainability to take root in the children's hearts.
    The "Mountain Forest Seed Environmental Education Foundation Plan" was first subsidized by the Ministry of Education in 2012. The sponsorship was then taken over by local companies in 2016. In 2019, it entered its eighth year! In 2019, the Center's companion course planning for the four schools was continued on from the previous years. Under the theme of "Scientific Investigation", Shihzih Junior High School focused on the bee hotel for solitary bees, and learned the basic concepts of the scientific method. Fenglin Elementary School had "Indigenous Culture" as its theme. In addition to inviting tribal elders to the school to teach the children about hunting culture, the pupils also visited the Nansiku and Draki tribal communities. As a part of the course organized by the Center, the slate house culture of the Draki astounded the pupils and teachers alike. The theme for Danlu Elementary School was "Water Resources". On top of ongoing observation and investigation of Fenggang River's water quality, additional courses such as WildViewTaiwan Film Festival, nighttime observation, mountain education, and trace-free forestry were included, enhancing the diversity and quality of the environmental education content this year. Caopu Elementary School's theme was "Natural Ecology Observation". In addition to making and observing owl nest boxes, there were also a two-day and one-night camping experience and a course to explore the five senses. In the second half of the year, the Center also took pupils to observe the water ecology along the banks of Fenggang River. In the process from environmental observation to taking environmental action, the teachers and pupils of the four local schools jointly created unforgettable memories and deepened their understanding of the forests and rivers.
    Shuangliu National Forest Recreation Area, being right on the children's doorstep, is no longer a park "I have visited as a kid" after the course activities; it has now become a treasure trove they can explore at any time. When taking part in the courses, the children showed their most natural side, whether it's getting up close and personal with the river or having an in-depth experience in the forest, just as if they were doing something that came easily and naturally to them. In partnership with local businesses, Shuangliu Nature Center hopes to provide more nourishment to these seeds of the future, and let the concept of protecting the forest take root in the hearts of the children. In the future, they can continue to explore this forest, learn to take part in the coexistence of human and nature, and work hard together for the sustainable management of the environment.
    In addition to providing care and companionship to the children, Shuangliu Nature Center is also an important natural and environmental education venue in the Kaohsiung-Pingtung region. The Center currently has fifteen sets of outdoor teaching courses that cover a diverse range of content, including topics such as local culture, tropical monsoon forests, forest management, and water resources and governance. The courses cater to the learning of different age groups, and school teachers from below senior high school level are welcome to come to Shuangliu Nature Center for outdoor teaching. We also welcome companies, institutions, and other organizations to come discuss the planning and implementation of environmental education courses. For more information, please visit "Taiwan Forest Recreation", or call the Shuangliu Nature Center staff at 08-8701499.
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