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Forestry Bureau Consolidates Land-Air Firefighting Forces to Successfully Bring the Lishan Forest Fire Under Control

    A forest fire broke out in the Lishan area yesterday morning (1/19). The location was in the 5th forest compartment of the Dajia Creek River working business area, under the jurisdiction of the Indigenous Reserved Land and Dongshih Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau. When the Dongshih Forest District Office received the report, it immediately dispatched the forest fire brigade team to the site of the fire, and a total of 73 people were mobilized for firefighting on the ground. Together with the National Airborne Service Corps and the National Rescue Coordination Center, helicopters were dispatched to carry out aerial firefighting. Through the coordinated firefighting on land and in the air, the fire was brought under control successfully at 4 pm this afternoon (1/20). At present, the residual fires are being dealt with, while the burning area is roughly estimated at 3 hectares.
    The forest type at the site of the fire is a mixed coniferous and broadleaved forest; with the easily flammable silvergrass and dense shrubs that grow there, the fire spread in the direction of the wind. In addition, at an altitude above 1,600 meters, the terrain is extremely steep. The forest fire brigade of the Forestry Bureau overcame the dangerous terrain and continued to fight the fire for 2 days and 1 night, creating 260 meters of fire breaks on the east, west, and south sides of the fire. The pump team also set up 350 meters of water line at the site of the fire for water spraying to prevent the fire from spreading further. At the same time, helicopters poured water from midair, effectively adding to the water source and improving fire extinguishing efficacy; water was delivered a total of 68 times. Land and air forces cooperated fully to protect precious national land and forest resources.
    The Dongshih Forest District Office would like to remind the public that the country has now entered the dry season, and so people must pay attention to fire prevention when in the mountains. If a forest fire is discovered, report it to the firefighting unit or call the Forestry Bureau forest protection hotline at 0800-000930 as soon as possible. The Forestry Act stipulates that those who build a fire or lose control of their fire and set other people's forests alight shall bear both criminal and civil liability. Let us join hands and protect the country's precious forest resources together.
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