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Alishan Forest Railway's epidemic prevention measures during the Lunar New Year

In order to avoid crowds of tourists and the risk of infection of the COVID-19, Alishan Forest Railway announced that epidemic prevention measures would be imposed on the Lunar New Year holiday (February 10 to February 16). Eating and drinking will be forbidden on all trains unless there is an urgent need. The maximum capacity of three branch lines in the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area will be reduced from 350 to 250 passengers; the capacity of cypress carriages will be reduced from 200 to 160 passengers. Extra trains will be operated according to the number of passengers. Please use hand sanitizer frequently to keep your hands clean and wear masks throughout your rides. We'll measure your body temperature before getting onboard the train. Passengers who have a fever will not be allowed to ride.

Reservation for all the trains during the holiday is already open. Please get to the online reservation system for purchasing tickets. For more information, please kindly visit our official website or Facebook fan group.

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