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Alishan Forest Railway's "SL-31 Steam Locomotive" during 2021 Cherry Blossom Season

The cherry blossom season of Alishan attracts countless tourists every year to visit the beauty of the flower and the century-old steam train. In 2021, Alishan Forest Railway launches the theme train "SL-31 Steam Locomotive" to celebrate the coming of spring. The renowned local photographer Huang Yuan-ming, together with professional guides, will lead the passengers all the way. By riding the century-old steam locomotive SL-31 attached with Taiwanese cypress carriages modeled on the Japanese imperial VIP car, you can experience the exclusive mountain railway journey in Taiwan.

The theme train "SL-31 Steam Locomotive" is scheduled to run on March 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2021 (two trips every Monday). The cost of the trip is 2,000 TWD per person, including train tickets, meals, guides, and special souvenirs. There are only 8 trips in total. The maximum capacity of each train is 80 people.

The S-curve in front of Alishan Police Station on Zhaoping Line is a famous scenic spot for watching cherry blossoms. In 2021, AFR will replace previous regular rides with the theme train, which will stop in midway to satisfy photographers who want to capture the charm of the railway under the cherry blossom. The theme train will also stop at 0.5 KM and 1.1 KM of Zhushan Line to allow passengers to take pictures on the curved track and the rock bridge. The train driver will whistle at the spots with smoke rising from the chimney.

The various flower-watching hotspots in the forest recreation area include the Taiwan cherry on both sides of the sidewalk at Duigaoyue Station, the Yoshino cherry at Zhushan Station, and the trails near Zhaoping Park. Visitors can choose the best route according to their needs. AFR's three-hour-long "SL-31 Theme locomotive" is expected to let tourists enjoy the flower, listen to the forestry culture through in-depth guidance, and experience the multi-level feelings of history, ecology, humanities, and art.

The reservation of theme train "SL-31 Steam Locomotive" is only available online), and is open 15 days before the departure date at 10 AM. For more details, check our official website(The relevant link has expired), Facebook fan group, or contact (05)2779843 #363 Mr. Chang.

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