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LINE Pay, Jko Pay, E.Sun Wallet and Pi Wallet Are Now Accepted Payment Methods for Purchasing Forest Recreation Area Tickets Discounts offered for a Limited Time Only

Starting from March 2, 2021, visitors can use LINE Pay, Jko Pay, E.Sun Wallet, and Pi Wallet payment methods to purchase entry tickets in 12 National Forest Recreation Areas of the Forestry Bureau. These areas include: Taipingshan, Manyueyuan, Neidong, Dongyanshan, Basianshan, Dasyueshan, Aowanda, Alishan, Kenting, Shuangliu, Jhihben, and Chihnan, as well as the Wulai Log Cart and Taipingshan Bong Bong Train! These payment service providers are also offering limited-time discounts. Everyone is welcome to visit the forests and enjoy the discounts.
The National Forest Recreation Areas of the Forestry Bureau have introduced several electronic payment options in recent years, and have already introduced NFC payments including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay as payment options, as well as ticket payment services including Easy Card and iPASS. The Forestry Bureau has also kept close communication with equipment manufacturers and payment service providers to build the relevant hardware and software equipment. From March 2, 2021, QR code payment options, including LINE Pay, Jko Pay, E.Sun Wallet, and Pi Wallet, have been available for purchasing tickets! This move is in line with the Executive Yuan's goal to reach 90% mobile payment penetration by 2025, where everyone will be able to "live conveniently in Taiwan with one mobile device."
To celebrate the official launch of these payment options, the payment service providers are also offering the following special discounts to visitors who use the respective payment platforms to purchase tickets for the Forestry Bureau's 12 National Forest Recreation Areas, Wulai Log Cart, and Taipingshan Bong Bong Train.
◎    LINE Pay: A limited-time offer will be available from April 1 to June 30, 2021. Use LINE Pay to purchase tickets and for each transaction you will receive 10% of the amount in LINE Points as a reward. Win up to 100 points per account.
◎    Pi Wallet: From April 1 to June 30, 2021, new members will receive up to 100% points back on their first purchase (up to a maximum of 50 P Coins per person), valid only once per person, limited to 50,000 P Coins. Existing members will receive 20 P Coins for every transaction of NT$100 or more, with a maximum of 100 P Coins per account, limited to 150,000 P Coins. Available while stocks last.
◎    E.SUN Wallet: Effective until December 31, 2021, link your E.Sun Bank National Travel Card with the E.Sun Wallet App, and use the "E.Sun Wallet Barcode Payment" to enjoy 1% cashback reward on general purchases with no upper limit, plus an extra 1% cashback for a maximum of NT$300 per month.
The Forestry Bureau stated that the National Forest Recreation Areas are rich in natural resources. The concentration of negative ions and phytoncide in the forests are several times higher than that of the cities. The various biological properties of phytoncide can improve human immunity and balance the body and mind. Forests can also directly intercept the suspended particles in the air and reduce the concentration of PM2.5. We encourage the public to visit the National Forest Recreation Areas, so that they can relax their bodies and minds while listening to the soothing hum of birds and insects and enjoy the waterfalls and rivers.
For information on the National Forest Recreation Areas and forestry railways, please visit the Forestry Bureau's Facebook page "TW Forest" and the Taiwan Forest Recreation website.
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