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'Aerial Survey Puncar: A 3D Magic Feast' Kicks Off Be Enchanted by the 3D Magic as the Aerial Survey Office Turns Aerial Photos into Miniature Worlds

You may have seen ordinary, mundane aerial photos before, but you've probably never seen them with 3D effects; similarly, you may have been to Chiayi before, but you may not have seen or remember what the city was like 30 or 40 years ago. Starting from 23 April (Fri), the Aerial Survey Office will be presenting the ‘Aerial Survey Puncar: A 3D Magic Feast’ at Chiayi Sawmill from Friday through Sunday for two weeks in a row. With this chance to view historical aerial photos of Chiayi in 3D, you will experience a fascinating visual feast where you seem to be staring down at a miniature world from above.
Chiayi was once known as the ‘Timber Capital’ for its booming logging industry. This exhibition thus features aerial photos of the early days at Chiayi Sawmill, showing how logs were piled up for transportation, as well as other images of a few train stations along the Alishan Forest Railway. Some of the photos even capture the appearance of the first sacred tree standing at Sacred Tree Station, taking you through the preservation and historical transition of the forestry landscape of Chiayi.
The ‘Aerial Survey Puncar: A 3D Magic Feast’ exhibition employs the principles for 3D image formation in the human eye to create a magical illusory sense of depth in our brains, which turns the plain 2D photos into vivid 3D vision. The exhibition will also introduce the various types of landscape in Taiwan, guiding you through the towering forests, tranquil waters, vast grasslands, and a variety of unique architectures. The mid- and late-stages of major construction projects in Chiayi's Taibao region, including the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum and the Chiayi High Speed Rail Station, are shown in images. These pictures embody the transformation of our homeland across time, as well as the constant efforts made by the Aerial Survey Office in creating a tangible archive for the land of Taiwan.

Exhibition Period: 30 April (Fri) to 2 May (Sun)
Venue: Room A01, Chiayi Sawmill
(600, 4 Linsen West Road, East District, Chiayi City)
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