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Ticket system 2.0 makes ticket booking convenient.

Since September 1st, Alishan Forest railway launched their new ticket system. The ticket vending machine will be set at Alishan station providing ticket purchasing service of Zhushan line, Zhaoping line and Shenmu line. In addition to the ticket vending machine,  AFRCHO also launched their e-ticket that passenger didn't need to purchase the ticket at ticket counter and passenger can take the train by showing QR code of the e-ticket at Chiayi, Beimen, Zhuqi, Jiaoliping, Fenqihu and Shizilu station.

Ticket Vending Machine of AFR
To relieve the pressure of the crowd of passengers taking Zhushan line, AFR sets ticket vending machines at the first floor of Alishan station. Passenger buying the ticket of three branch line can use the ticket vending machaine to pay, the machine also supports credit card, stored value card ( Easy card, iPASS card ) or mobile payment ( Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay ). If passenger has paid for tickets online, they can recieved the papar ticket at ticket vending machine by entering preservation code or last 4 number of ID.

Introducing QR code to online booking system
As mobile devices became common, AFR provides paperless ticket service. The online ticket booking systme add e-ticket function which allows passenger showing the QR code of the ticket to take the train after they book the ticket of main line( this only suits for Chiayi, Beimen, Zhuqi, Jiaoliping, Fenqihu and Shizilu station. ) By e-ticket, passenger will no longer line up buying ticket at ticket counter.

New ticket system keeps passenger's safty
AFRCHO stated that passenger taking the train have to register on contact tracing system, measure teporature and wear mask. Ticket vending machine and online ticket system are also welcomed to use to prevent interaction between each person and receive tickets easily and quickiy. Please check the official website ( or facebook fanpage ( of AFRCHO for more information about ticket vending machine.
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