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Heading to another century, AFR launched new LOGO with image animation.

Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (AFRCHO) has established for three years. AFRCHO launched brand new visual identity system and image animation of the railway on September 3rd. The new logo gives vitality to this century-old railway and its national significant cultural landscape identity heading to the next century.

Have a great view of Alishan Forest Railway's future from the train window.
Alishan Forest Railway has multiple connotation including forestry, tourism and cultural history. It is not only a railway with plentiful tangible and intangible assets but also an internationally renowned century-old railway brand of Taiwan. Since the establishment of AFRCHO in on July 1st, 2018, it undertakes the responsibilities of the operation, preservation and international promotion of Alishan Forest Railwy. In order to breakthrough the conservative image and shape the new brand of culture and tourism, AFRCHO entrust professional design team taking one year creating visual identity system (VIS) that suits Alishan Forest Railway. This new VIS is created by every element of AFR, from LOGO, text font and brand's color to application and animation, it is constructing the new image of AFR's next century step by step.

The "Alishan Memory" of sketch traveler.
Huang Miao-Hsiu, AFR's director, point out that the new logo is taking " traversing the history of the forest and watching the stunning view out of the window" as concept, showing three majoy features in railway transportation, forestry culture and mountain resources of Alishan Forest Railway. The inspiration of the new LOGO is the varying view from the window when the train is running uphill and the mountains, cloud sea and birds attracting passengers. On the other hand, the new LOGO shows the determination of AFRCHO protecting the forestry culture and ecology along the railway by the shape of the classic red locomotive embracing mountains, cloud sea and birds.
Railroad safty, comfort and heritage preservation are always the insistance AFRCHO values the most. How to simplified multiple elements of AFR into one symbol is the biggest challenge of this case! The curvature of the "V" shape of the LOGO is finalized by the intense debate of the professtional, everyone puts lots of effort making this LOGO elegant, stable and vivid.

Showing the industrial beauty of AFR through standard font.
In addition to the thoughtful pattern of the LOGO, the standard font referenced the field research and the elements of the locomotive's number plate, transform their straight and stable features into AFR's standard font. Meanwhile, in order to promote AFR internationally, the team also design the English font suits AFR.
Compare to the stable and wide stroke of Chinese font, the English font of AFR used Myriad as prototype font and gave it few adjustment. Both Chinese and English have their own identification to reach the balance and emphasize the industrial skills and the characteristics of Alishan Forest Railway.

The color makes AFR colorful.
The natural forest of Alishan makes Alishan Forest Railway unique. In the planning of AFR's color system, it takes red refering to the red locomotive that shine in the forest,  green referring to the dence and peace forest in the mountain, and rice white referring to warm and glowing sunrise, all these colors consist the unique identification of special elements of Alishan, creating the vivid image and giving AFR ennergy of diversified development.

Recognize brand new AFR in seconds by watching image animation.
To meet the demand of digital generation, AFR launchs the image animation with new LOGO. The train leads passengers travel through the past, now and the future; from the employee of the sawmill in the past, steam logging, people picking burnt coal from the steam locomotive to the railway features, the ecology along the railway, sea of cloud and flying birds, these dynamic images connect the LOGO and color system, and let passenger can understand new Alishan Forest Railway easily and quickly. Link of the image animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5X0he115C0

Multiple applicaiton of the new LOGO gives AFR new position.
When the establishment of new LOGO and image animation on September 3rd, Huang Miao-Hsiu, AFR's director, point out that the new compilation of souvenirs and tourism products will launch soon, including business card, leather card cover, tablewear and picnic mat set, biscuit box and soda drinks. AFRCHO also welcomes any forms of brands authorized cooperation, expecting joint cooperation can collect creativities making cultural travel of AFR splendid. Please follow the official site of AFRCHO for relative policies of brand authorization. https://afrch.forest.gov.tw
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