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One Car, One Tree, Restoring Habitats—Stitching Together the Lishan Area Green Network

The Dongshih Forest District Office has collaborated with the Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation and Hotai Motor in the "One Car, One Tree, Restoring Habitats" tree planting event. They launched the "Formosan Landlocked Salmon Habitat Restoration and Afforestation" project at Wuling Farm on September 22 and 23, 2021. The Forestry Bureau provided 3,230 saplings of native tree species for the tree planting restoration work of the Formosan landlocked salmon habitat. These trees include Taiwan Red Maple, Green Maple, Kawakami Maple, Taiwan Crabapple, Formosan Sweet Gum, Ring-Cupped Oak, Mori Oak, Taiwania Cypress, and Manyfruit Idesia. Wuling Farm under the Veterans Affairs Council, Executive Yuan, provided 11.2 hectares of abandoned farmland, and Hotai Motor sponsored the tree planting funds. The planting target of 13,000 trees is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.
According to the Dongshih Forest District Office, over-farmed and illegally occupied lands in the Lishan area have been continuously recovered in accordance with the Steep Slope Agricultural Land and Abandoned Field Demolition Plan since 2002. So far, a total of 393 pieces of National Forest land have been recovered, covering an area of 426.28 hectares. For the recovered land, gaps and degraded land are also inventoried. In addition, the Forest District Office has continuously striven to strengthen afforestation by planting suitable native species, bearing in mind homeland security. A total area of 481.25 hectares have undergone afforestation. In 1993, the Cijiawan Creek Protection Zone Afforestation Plan was implemented in the Formosan landlocked salmon restoration habitat area along Cijiawan, Luoyewei, and Yousheng Creeks. Over-farmed land continued to be recovered along Yousheng Creek for afforestation. The tree species planted include Taiwan Red Cypress, Chinese Bayberry, Ring-Cupped Oak, and Taiwan Red Maple, with a total restored habitat area of 61.01 hectares.
Formosan landlocked salmon is currently facing challenges caused by habitat fragmentation and is struggling to maintain environmental stability under climate change. Since 1993, the Dongshih Forest District Office launched the Cijiawan Creek Protection Zone Afforestation Plan, and continued to recover over-farmed land along Yousheng Creek for afforestation. At the same time, the Taiwan Red Pine-only forest environment was updated to introduce diversified ecological resources, in order to create a top quality and healthy ecosystem. The public-private partnership will continue to promote habitat restoration in order to link fragmented habitats and gradually accomplish the vision of homeland restoration.
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