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2021 Bamboo Architecture and Forest Railway Emerging Design Exhibition: 6 Renowned Architects Creating a New Wave of Contemporary Bamboo Architecture

To apply the use of bamboo in the training of architectural design talents, the Forestry Bureau and the Taiwan Bamboo Society collaborated to organize the "2021 Bamboo Architecture and Forest Railway Emerging Design Exhibition," and published six works of well-known architectural teams today (22nd). The organizers called on architects Wang Ming-Hsien, Peng Wen-Yuan, Fang Hsin-Chiao, Wang Che, Yeh Yuh-Sin, and Chen Yu-Wen to personally conduct tours to introduce their bamboo architectural works and talk about their design concepts.

Lin Hwa-Ching, Director General of the Forestry Bureau, said that bamboo has a fast growth rate and high prolificacy, and is ready to be used in just four years. Bamboo resources have become a globally recognized green industry with great potential for development. Taiwan has abundant bamboo forest resources. The country's geographical location is unique in that it has both clumping-type bamboo, which grows in tropical regions, and running-type bamboo, which grows in temperate climates. In addition, the country's climatic factors make the quality of its bamboo materials better than other countries. Thanks to the advancement of technology in recent years, the shortcomings of bamboo can be overcome through processing. Bamboo can be used to replace other high energy-consuming materials such as plastic and reinforced steel. Under the guidance of Chang Ching-Sen, Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan, the "Emerging Bamboo Industry Development Plan" coordinated by the Forestry Bureau was approved by the Executive Yuan in early October and will be fully planned and implemented starting in 2022. Through inter-ministerial cooperation, the whole industrial chain of bamboo materials from production, processing, R&D, and application to sales will be re-connected.

The bamboo works presented at the "2021 Bamboo Architecture and Forest Railway Emerging Design Exhibition" were located along the Alishan Forest Railway sites under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Bureau. The historical atmosphere and landscape of the forest railroad highlighted the architects' works, which combined creativity with a variety of design techniques to fully express the characteristics of bamboo. These works created a comfortable spatial experience, while incorporating the natural landscape to create a variety of architectural designs. Take for example the work of Chen Yu-Wen's team of architects: "Tunnel of Light and Reminiscence" was made by interweaving a stable structure using the bending characteristics of bamboo, creating a play of light and shadow of a railway track. Greenhouse film sheeting was used to create a tunnel-like image that reminds people of the prosperity of the past. The work by Wang Che's team of architects: "Fluttering Dance" is an attempt to create an image of fluttering butterfly wings by using three scales of bamboo sheet components. In addition to expressing the use of bamboo structures and their stylistic possibilities, it showcases Alishan's unique butterfly biodiversity.

To coordinate with the "2021 Taiwan Design Expo" to be held in Chiayi at the end of the year, the six exhibited bamboo structures are on display at the Chiayi Sawmill park and Chiayi's Zhuqi station of the Alishan Forest Railway. The public is invited to come and experience the diverse possibilities of bamboo in architectural design and witness its versatility.

In addition to the six works by architects presented in the "2021 Bamboo Architecture and Forest Railway Emerging Design Exhibition," there are also six architecture works by university students in the planning. Due to the impact of the pandemic on the summer break, the announcement of these works will be delayed until the winter break of 2022, so please stay tuned for more information.
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