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Awareness Campaign Bears Fruits: Citizens Immediately Report Bear Sighting in Guguan Dongshih Forest District Office Reminds the Public to Keep a Safe Distance and Refrain from Startling Bears

On the evening of December 10, the Dongshih Forest District Office received multiple bear-sighting reports from Guguan residents of Taichung City. Farmers spotted a Formosan black bear in a tree about 100 meters off the outskirts of their coffee fields. Despite immediately responding to the call, no signs of the bear were found when personnel arrived at the scene. The Dongshih Forest District Office promptly established an emergency response team to equip residents with bear-protection necessities. Patrol schedules were also ramped-up today (11th), and automatic cameras were installed to monitor the whereabouts of the Formosan black bear. The District Office advises the public to travel in groups and carry bear protection gear when hiking in the areas spanning Dasyueshan and the Seven Heroes of Guguan, where Formosan black bears are known to be active. If you encounter a black bear, please maintain a safe distance, do not startle it, and leave as quickly as possible.
In recent years, multiple black bear sightings have been recorded in the areas spanning Taichung City Dasyueshan Forest Recreation Area and the Guguan area. To reduce human-bear conflicts in the area, the Dongshih Forest District Office launched a "No Persimmons for Black Bears" awareness campaign in black bear activity hot spot zones this September. The campaign encouraged farmers to report bear sightings and has received very positive feedback. Yesterday (10) afternoon multiple reports of bear sightings were received from tribal community residents of the Guguan area. A Formosan black bear was spotted in a tree 100 meters from a coffee field in the Shiwen Creek tribe. Due to the black bear's close proximity to residents' plantations, the Dongshih Forest District Office immediately dispatched personnel to the scene for investigation. When personnel arrived, however, the black bear had already retreated into the mountains. The dwindling daylight and poor visibility prevented further discovery of the black bear's whereabouts. Not wanting to take any chances, the District Office provided bear spray to those who spotted the bear, reminding them to clean up garbage, animal feed, and fallen fruit, and not to place traps that may inadvertently harm the black bear. The Dongshih Forest District Office also promptly prepared various bear deterrent equipment, mobilizing a total of 18 personnel today from the Fifth Division of the Seventh Special Police Corps, Dongshih Branch, and the Liyang and Shuangqi Workstations. Awareness efforts have increased for tribal community residents and hikers, and patrol schedules have been ramped-up in the plantation vicinity. Automatic cameras have also been installed to monitor, track, and understand the movements of the black bear.
The Dongshih Forest District Office would like to especially remind the public that mountains such as Dasyueshan and the Seven Heroes of Guguan are hot spots for Formosan black bear activity. Bear sighting signs have also been installed at various hiking trailheads. When hiking, please remember to travel in groups and carry a bear bell or pepper-spray. Food should be stored properly to reduce the possibility of attracting black bears. If you have an unexpected encounter with a bear, please stay calm and slowly back away. Don't turn your back or run away from a black bear, and don't surround or attempt to catch or startle it. In addition, if farmers in the Guguan area encounter wildlife damaging their crops, please report this to the Dongshih Forest District Office (04-25150855) or Taichung City (1999) hot lines. To avoid harming endangered species, please do not lay traps.
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