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The Forestry Bureau's Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion Receives Fifth Consecutive Excellent Exhibitor Image Award

This year's Taipei Building Show specially chose 30 exhibitors to receive the "Excellent Exhibitor Image Award." The results were announced today (11th) at the Nangang Exhibition Center. Co-organized by the Forestry Bureau and the NTU Experimental Forest Management Office, 28 domestic timber producers and 4 university wood and bamboo processing technology research centers joined forces to establish the Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion. This year's theme was "Building Dreams with Wood and Bamboo," marking the fifth consecutive year of the exhibition. After being evaluated by the architects on the Taipei Building Show committee on criteria such as "product practicality innovation," "furnishing and overall experience," and "professional interpretation," the Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion stood out among 500 exhibitors, winning the "Excellent Exhibitor Image Award" for the fifth year in a row. The Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion has a perfect record at the convention, taking home the award every time it participates, and showing the industry the unlimited potential of Taiwanese wood and bamboo.
As the Forest Bureau explains, this year's (2021) exhibition design reflects the recent co-signing by 141 country leaders of the "Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forest and Land Use" at the 26th annual UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). It emphasizes the importance of sustainable management of artificial forests and diverse usage of bamboo materials on global carbon neutrality and forest preservation. The transportation of imported timber leaves a large carbon footprint; in addition, the importation of timber raises many concerns centered around the destruction of natural forests and even tropical rain forests. To meet the needs of human activities while preserving natural forests, it is essential that we carry out effective management and utilization of artificial forests. Using domestic timber can both protect forests from excessive deforestation and can prevent soil deterioration in forest regions caused by excessive settlement. Increasing resource allocation from the public and private sectors can help us achieve sustainable forest management, preservation, and restoration. This will bring timber production and consumption more in line with the principles of sustainability, helping us reduce our carbon footprint and protect biodiversity.
This year's Domestically Produced Timber Taiwan Pavilion was built using Taiwania Cypress, Moso Bamboo, and Makino Bamboo, demonstrating modification and stacked wood processing technologies. The natural aroma of wood permeated the exhibition venue, while the elegant ingenuity of the products and the design of the exhibition area stunned many industry professionals, students, general consumers and domestic/foreign attendees.
This year's exhibit specially introduced bamboo materials through the theme "Building Dreams with Wood and Bamboo." Bamboo only requires 4 years of growth before it can be used as lumber. As such, it has an exceptional carbon efficiency and has received international attention in recent years as the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly green resource. The exhibit featured a dedicated area introducing bamboo, including bamboo processing technologies and bamboo applications in construction, renovation, and furniture. A number of high-quality vendors were also invited to provide products and services. The Forestry Bureau explains that technological advancements have already overcome previous shortcomings of wood and bamboo materials, greatly expanding the scope of their applications. They encourage consumers and friends in the industry to use more wood and bamboo in building recreation spaces, helping pave the way to Earth's everlasting green future.
The Forest Bureau reiterates its gratitude to the 28 domestic timber producers and 4 universities devoted to researching wood and bamboo processing technologies. From raw materials to floorboards, wall panels, furniture, home decorations, lights, novelties, and stationery, and even fine stereo systems and wood wristwatches, they have successfully produced high-quality domestic wood and bamboo and satisfied markets' demands for wood products.
Furthermore, the recently CAS-certified dimensional lumber produced by Jang Chang Lumber Industry Limited Company and Kuenjin Wood Industry Corporation offers the safest choice for designers and architects wishing to utilize domestic timber. Products displayed by various vendors at the convention were also exceptionally popular.
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