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Forest Administration Division

  1. National forest management, such as land cadastration, land-leasing case reviews, and more.
  2. National forest protection, such as cracking down on national forest illegal cultivation and logging, as well as preventing forest fires.
  3. Protection forest inspection, operation and management.
  4. Collecting data and printing booklets of public affairs and forestry promotion, as well as holding arbor-month events.
Forest Land Sec.
Division affairs
  1. National forest land cadastration, land registration, and leased land measurement.
  2. Reviewing leasing, yielding, or appropriation plans of national or public forests. 
  3. Reviewing sand and gravel excavation plans and mining land leasing plans. 
  4. Implementing compensation and retrieval plans of leased natonal forestland.
  5. Breaking of contracts of afforestation on leased national forest land and supervision of relevant laws. 
  6. Promoting follow-up plans for former national forest land temporarily used as leased housing area, paddy fields, and arid land. 
  7. Reviewing applications of change of use and category amendment of forestry land. 
  8. Handling unfinished afforestation in leased national forest land. 
  9. Retaining more aboriginal reserve. 
  10. Setting up and promoting the forestry administration management system.
Forest Protection Sec.
Division affairs
  1. 1. Forest protection regulation amendments, analyses, and counselling.  
  2. Studying, amending and processing forest fire prevention and rescue plans and advocacy. 
  3. Setting up principles for handling land exploitation and dealing with such cases; handling illegal appropriation of state-owned land. 
  4. Setting up principles for handling illegal logging and dealing with such cases; sharpening illegal logging-prevention skills and measures. 
  5. Installing, managing and maintaining forest facilities.
  6. Logging site inspection, checking and stamping of forestry products to be transported. 
  7. Planning and implementation of community-based forest protection.
  8. Handling of drift wood and principle designs. 
  9. Planning and implementation of forest patrol task force.
  10. Satellite monitoring and wireless communications. 
  11. Setting up, managing, and promoting the forest protection information system.
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Protection Forest Sec.
Division affairs
  1. Holding annual protection forest inspections and making protection forest management and afforestation plans to strengthen the functionality of protection forests.
  2. Ensuring proper operations of protection forests in response to global climate change. Through reduction or increase in area of protection forests to correspond current conditions or spreading the forests’functionality.
  3. Collecting, arranging and renewing protection forest archives; making sure the online database provides comprehensive materials.
  4. Protection forest position querying.
Public Relations Sec.
Division affairs
  1. Public relations - coordination with public opinion agencies, social groups, and the press; subsidization of forestry promotion events; holding forestry news releases, press conferences, and forestry construction tours to advertise forestry administration results; collecting people’s opinions and correcting wrong information.
  2. Compilation, printing, and publication of comprehensive forestry news; exchange and storage of various publications; printing and publication of the Forestry Bureau’s introduction, annual reports, and Taiwan Forestry Journal. 
  3. Holding arbor-month events. Selecting people with major contributions to forestry and natural conservation and appraising them on Arbor Day. 
  4. Others, such as holding forestry exhibitions to promote relevant work.
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