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Reforestation and Production Division

Reforestation Sec.
Division affairs
  1. National afforestation and coastal afforestation
  2. Thinning and cultivation
  3. Revegetation in landslide areas
  4. Ecological vegetation restoration in key land areas
  5. Tackling diseases in trees
  6. Preventing and removing exotic invasive plants 
  7. Corporate sponsorship for afforestation
  8. Selected stand and seed stand
  9. Natural disaster aid(forestry)
  10. Bamboo forest conservation by veterans
Forestry Works Guidance Sec.
Division affairs
  1. Reviewing the implementation of national afforestation plans and explaining relevant laws.
  2. Promoting, supervising and reviewing subsidized hillside afforestation plans. Making, modifying, and explaining relevant regulations.
  3. Promoting short-term contracted economic afforestation, as well as relevant law amendments and explanations.
  4. Assessing flatland afforestation project outcomes and explaining relevant laws. 
  5. Encouraging afforestation and distribution of seedlings for greening and beautifying purposes
  6. Promoting greening and beautifying work, reviewing community greening and beautifying projects, and organizing arbor-month tree-planting events. 
  7. Drafting and supervising plans relating to feedback funds or hill-land development and utilization, as well as revision and explanation of laws and regulations
  8. Assisting in the management of public and private forests. Designing, assessing, and supervising quality-forest promotion plans. 
  9. Afforestation loans.
  10. Making regulations for trimming of landscape trees, holding training for tree-protection professionals, and drafting and promoting relevant examinations and certifications
Forest Production Sec.
Division affairs
  1. Making and assessing annual logging plans.
  2. Making regulations governing disposition of forest products of state-owned forests and carrying out relevant practices.
  3. Making regulations of acquisition of harvesting forest products for indigenous people  and carrying out relevant practices.
  4. Making regulations of traceability (QR code) and the verification of Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS) of Taiwan's forest products. Supervising, promoting and marketing forest products. 
  5. Technological development for forest products; assisting county and city governments in forestry marketing work.
  6. Making regulations of under-forest economy; assisting county and city governments in forestry marketing work.
  7. Emerging bamboo industry businesses.
  8. Forest- product research and utilization; assisting county and city governments in forestry marketing work.
  9. Assisting county and city governments in forestry marketing work.
  10. Handling of post-natural disaster driftwood issues, such as making regulations and supervising relevant work.
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