Guanwu Forest Recreation Area

  • Guanwu Forest Recreation Area
Guanwu Forest Recreation Area

Guanwu (Fog-Watching) National Forest Recreation Area is situated in Wufen Township near Hsinchu and Taian Townships in Miaoli, upstream of Daan and Tochien Rivers. This 907-hectare area ranges in elevation from 2,000 to 2,500 meters above sea level and is constantly enveloped by fog and clouds. Its climate is cool in winter and warm in summer with a mean annual temperature of 13ºC. In summer, it is the best place to visit in northern Taiwan.

Except for the area immediately surrounding the Guanwu cabins, most of this area is hilly. Due to its open terrain, visitors can enjoy an impressive view of endless peaks. This “Holy Ridgeline” of the Snow Mountain range makes for a stunning landscape. Among all of the mountains, the barrel-shaped Dabajian Mountain has been deemed the “Summit of the Century.” Although there are few waterfalls at mid-high elevation in Taiwan, the impressive 30-meter high Guanwu Waterfall beneath the giant trees is an example of one. In the afternoon, this misty area is usually enveloped by fog and clouds. At times, the fog produces an almost mysterious atmosphere, and at others, low fog produces a beautiful ocean of clouds. Masses of clouds, mountains, and forests make up the typical landscape in Formosa. Guanwu is like a microcosm of this gorgeous Formosan view.

Location Meiyuan Village, Taian Township, Miaoli County
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