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High-tech innovative forest products

Forests are renewable natural resources. The international community is actively promoting a reasonable management model of plantations, with the hope to increase the use of forest products and replace other energy-intensive materials in response to global climate change. In recent years, the Forest Bureau has been working with the industry, the government, academia, and research institutes to proactively invest in the research and development of forest product technology. Innovative, value-adding technologies have been systematically developed for domestic timber and bamboo and non-timber forest products such as branches, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds, allowing them to be used in diversified ways to meet daily demands like food, clothing housing and transportation, as well as medical treatment, healthcare, and pest control. In this way, forest resources become a driving force for the sustainable development of a friendly environment.
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In order to build a national forest products technology support system, the Forest Product Technology Platform provides professional technical consulting services for forest products and databases for queries on the identification characteristics, basic properties, processing characteristics and usage for domestic timber as an innovative way to drive the development of the forest industry.
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Service teams: Chinese Wood Construction Buildings Association, Department of Wood Science and Design of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources of National Ilan University, Department of Forestry and Resource Conservation of National Taiwan University, Department of Wood Based Materials and Design of National Chiayi University, Department of Forestry of National Chung Hsing University, and Taiwan Forestry Research Institute Forest Product Technology Platform


The Bamboo Industry Technical Consultation Center is an exclusive service platform dedicated to the bamboo industry which provides social network services (Facebook fan page). The center meets the needs of domestic industry players and individual consumers with an immediate, fast time-framed, and customized manner. Images coupled with text descriptions convey knowledge to enhance consumers' understanding of bamboo products, help the exchange of market and technology information, and strengthen marketing communication in the bamboo industry.
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Service team: Industrial Technology Research Institute Bamboo Industry Technical Consultation Center
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