Forest Park

Forest Park的簡介

Forest Park

Riding a bicycle, exploring the forest parks unhurriedly, and experiencing for oneself a sea of green stretching as far as the eye can see ~

The Forestry Bureau has succeeded in utilizing the results of plains reforestation to establish the Hualien Danongdafu Forest Park, the Chiayi Aogu Wetland Forest Park, and the Pindong Linhousilin Forest Park. Each park has its own style and characteristics: 11 hectares of seascape area, an internationally-renowned bird watching spot, and the remarkable engineering project of Erfeng Ditch can all be experienced for oneself. You are invited to the parks for a relaxing trip with your family.

Danongdafu Forest Park的簡介

Danongdafu Forest Park

These forest parks are all different and therefore the planning for each one has been based on its unique features. For example, the appeal of Masadi lies in the organic rice grown in lovely paddies in the unique Rift Valley landscape. This area is being developed as a LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health an...

Aogu Wetlands Forest Park的簡介

Aogu Wetlands Forest Park

The landscape in the Aogu Wetland Forest Park consists of wetlands, sandbars, fish farms, plantations and farmland. The Council of Agriculture has designated the Aogu Wetlands an important wildlife habitat protected by law and is working to secure international wetland status. The wetlands are being...

Linhousilin Forest Park 的簡介

Linhousilin Forest Park

The LinhousilinForest Park has a working old railroad track and stations, and is close to the Neishe trailhead of the 'Kunlun Pass Trail.' This area is being developed as a low-altitude forest, an ecological park designed to rebuild the natural environment of the Dawu Mountains and the plain...

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