Forest land management

The key to forest land management is cadaster management, which takes land registration as top priority. To ensure safety of a nation’s land, all public facilities and utilities set up within national forest land must be reviewed carefully according to Article 8 of the Forestry Act and other relevant laws.
(1)Cadaster management
Speaking of the cadastral survey and registration of forest compartments held by the Ministry of the Interior, in Phase 1 of a three-year plan (1998-2000), roughly 100 hectares of such forest land were surveyed and registered. In Phase 2 (2004-2009), roughly 52 hectares were listed. In total, 152 hectares of forest compartments were surveyed and registered in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Based on the “Points for Managing State-owned Property Registration,” a comprehensive catalogue was made.

(2)Leasing national forest land
According to Article 10 of the Taiwan Forest Operation and Management Plan, when it comes to forest land in national forestry areas, unless as listed in Article of the Forestry Act - “should a national or public forest have any of the following, it may be leased, transferred or appropriated: it is required for establishing a school, hospital, park or other public facilities; it is required for national defense, transportation or water conservation; it is required for establishing public works; it is required for establishing a duly approved national park, designated scenic area or forest recreation park” - or in a plan approved by the Executive Yuan for policy advocacy or an existing land-leasing plan, no such forest land may be leased, declassified, or exchanged.
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