Alishan Forest Recreation Area

  • Alishan Forest Recreation Area
Alishan Forest Recreation Area

The 1400-hectare Alishan National Forest Recreation Area is situated in Alishan Township of Chiayi County. The main recreation site is situated at about 2,200 meters above sea level. Its cloudy mid-elevation temperate climate has a mean annual temperature of 10.6 ºC and annual rainfall averages 4,000 cubic millimeters. On average, there are 209 rainy days and 244 foggy days each year. The incredibly wet weather contributes to an outstanding forest climate and landscape with an Alishan sunrise, a sea of clouds, an afterglow, a forest, and railways. These five famous sights are known internationally.

Alishan Mountain range, which is part of the Central Mountain range, is the collective name of 18 peaks including Dadong Mountain. Overlapping peaks, cliffs, and valleys are the make up the typical view and landscape.Since the high mountains and broad valleys block the strong southwest wind, the valley is usually foggy and cloudy like a vast, tumultuous sea. When the sun rises from the Central Mountain range and the light sweeps over the sky, the clouds suddenly give way to the clear sky to produce a grand view. In the evening, the clouds are even more beautiful with their magnificent afterglow. To many visitors, the red and gold splendor of the clouds, sunrise, and sunset in Alishan, are truly unforgettable and leave lasting memories. Tashan and Duigauyuei are the most impressive landscapes in Alishan. In Tashan, it is easy to locate the numerous layers of rocks wrinkled from orogeny; while in Duigauyuei, visitors can view the endless peaks of the Central and Yushan Mountain ranges and observe the magnificent sea of clouds.

Location No.17, shunling village Chiayi County Alishan Township
TEL +886-5-2679917
Opening hours 24 hours
  • NT$300  Adult (with the R.O.C. ID NT$200)
  • NT$150  Students with valid international student ID ;Children between 7 to 12 years old (with the R.O.C. ID NT$100)
  • NT$10   Children  between 3 to 6 years old
  • NT$0    Children  between 0 to 2 years old

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