Letter-writing steps
  • Step1
    Fill in letter content and contact information
  • Step2
    System sends confirmation email
  • Step3
    After receiving the confirmation email, click on the link to complete confirmation
  • Step4
    Your report / question / suggestion enters the handling process
Case-handling principles
  1. Please provide your correct email address when you send a letter to allow the system to automatically send you a confirmation letter. If an email address is not provided or the one provided is wrong, the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency will not be able to handle your letter. A case will be established when your confirmation reply is received. After this, the letter will be passed to a responsible unit for handling, and the unit shall reply as soon as possible. If your case requires further investigation, it will be handled in accordance with the Guidelines for the Handling of Public Petitions at the Executive Yuan and Subsidiary Organs. A copy regarding the case transferal will then be sent to you by email.
  2. To make sure that our reply can always be safely delivered to your mailbox, and that the letter is indeed sent by you as the mail address user, we will only start handling your letter after we receive a reply from you in response to our confirmation email. In addition, sometimes people key in wrong email addresses by accident when filing letters. If the confirmation email is never found in your mail box, please send a new letter to the Director-general’s Mailbox, along with a correct email address so that we can reach you.
  3. If you wish to learn about your case status, please use the case number and password automatically provided by the system and check your case in “Enquire about Letter-handling Status.”
  4. In response to the Personal Information Protection Act implemented on October 1, 2012, we will not provide your personal information to others without your permission, unless for official use. However, due to the fact that administrative organs all have statutory duties and specialisms, if your letter content involves the area of responsibility of a subordinate agency, it will be passed to that competent authority for handling and reply. In that case, your personal information (name, telephone number and postal and email addresses) will be passed together with your letter to the competent authority.
  5. If it is necessary to keep your letter content or identity secret, or if you are concerned that sending an e-letter may expose your personal info, please send it in writing to the the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan at No. 2, Section 1, Hangzhou South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100024 ) and we will deal with it or pass it to a responsible agency. Again, if the content of your letter and your identity need to remain confidential, please mark the envelope as “Confidential.”
〈Letter-sending process〉
Step 1: Member of the public sends a letter through the Director General’s Mailbox
Step 2: The system sends out a confirmation email
Step 3: Sender click on the link of the confirmation email to reply If sender hasn’t replied the confirmation email in 7 days, the case cannot be handled. If sender reply the confirmation email in 7 days, the case will be handled.

〈Enquiring about case status〉
Step 1: Sender enquires about the case status online
Step 2: The system allocates the enquiry to the responsible unit
Step 3: The responsible unit handles the enquiry
Step 4: Response to letter sent online

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