Eco-friendly remediation


As people care more about their surroundings, they want the government to not only carry out disaster prevention and mitigation, but also be eco-friendly. In national forest watersheds, we lessen the impacts of remediation projects on the environment, while sustainably developing forestry work. An ecological assessment mechanism is now in place for national forest remediation plans. Members of the public and relevant ecological groups are invited to assess these plans together. Ecological assessment is in fact being proactively carried out alongside open access to relevant information. Strategies such as avoidance, reduction, mitigation, and compensation are implemented to efficiently yield feedback at all phases of a project. The goal is to create a win-win for disaster prevention and environmental protection. 

The Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency is the nation’s central forestry authority. It manages national forestry areas and is in charge of natural conservation. The agency aims to conserve forests, ensure biodiversity, and keep wildfires from taking place. It systematically and strategically promotes disaster control for national forests and eco-friendly work, in hopes of building an eco-friendly environment.

National Forest Land Remediation Information (in Mandarin)


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