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An eco-friendly mechanism

The Forestry Bureau and its district offices have been actively carrying out eco-friendly work in remediation projects. Such include ecological assessment of reservoir watersheds. When executing a plan, the bureau always discusses relevant matters with residents, representatives of conservation groups, ecological assessment specialists, and construction planning and implementation staff. Every step is carefully examined. In 2015, an ecological assessment list was modified for disaster prevention and area remediation projects. Both the forestry and conservation officers at the breau’s district offices took part. We hope to work with professionals in various fields to protect forests and conserve nature.  

The Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan on April 25, 2017 implemented the Ecological Assessment Mechanism for Public Construction Plans. To lessen the impacts of public construction on nature, develop an area in a sustainable way, and preserve biodiversity through eco-friendly approaches, the bureau invites relevant public agencies to  examine ecological assessment work. Considering that public construction plans should take ecological conservation into account, the bureau requests the authorities in charge to include the aforementioned mechanism as a must-do. Whenever a new plan is in place, ecological assessment should be made duly. 

Based on the bureau’s past experiences in biological assessment for  reservoir watersheds, as well as in conjunction with remediation, conservation, and afforestation work, the bureau proactively takes eco-friendliness into construction plans relating to state-owned forests. The goal is to lessen the impacts of construction on nature and to maintain forest biodiversity and habitats. Eco-friendliness in fact should become a norm, and thus the “Booklet on Eco-friendliness for State-owned Forest Remediation Projects” was published to advocate ecological assessment. Strategies such as avoidance, reduction, mitigation, and compensation are adopted for all phases of assessment in a project.
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