Forestry Culture Park

Forestry Culture Park的簡介
Forestry Culture Park
Taiwan’s Forestry Culture Parks make use of existing forest culture spaces to carry out conservation, restoration, and reuse projects, hoping that memories of the past may be brought to life. Through interaction and collaborations with local communities, a community consensus has been formed. Serving as multi-functional cultural places, the parks also amalgamate education, leisure and creative means to construct unique aesthetic values for ecological forest reserves and historical buildings.
Currently, Dongshi, Yilan and Lintianshan Forestry Culture Parks and Alishan Forestry Village and Hinoki Village provide unmatched historical displays and distinguished features.
Lintianshan Forestry Culture Park的簡介
Lintianshan Forestry Culture Park
The Lintianshan Forestry Culture Park was formerly the Lintianshan Forest Area, and during the Japanese Occupation it served as Daan Mountain’s log processing ground. Felling, collecting and transporting of timber all carried out here. For its massive scale, it became one of the three large fo...
Yilan Forestry Culture Park的簡介
Yilan Forestry Culture Park
The forestry industry is an essential part of Yilan. In the past, it was the Taiping Forest Area that provided impetus for the town’s growth. The Yilan Forestry Culture Park was formerly used as Taipingshan’s Yilan Branch, equipped with sawmills, lumber yards, an agency office, and worke...
Dongshih Forestry Culture Park的簡介
Dongshih Forestry Culture Park
Formerly the Taiwan Daxueshan Forestry Corporation founded to make use of Daxueshan’s forest resources, the Dongshih Forestry Culture Park possessed the biggest 1960s-era lumber factory in East Asia. The first Taiwanese site to introduce American-style logging operations and factory processes ...
Alishan Forestry Village and Hinoki Village的簡介
Alishan Forestry Village and Hinoki Village
Alishan is an internationally renowned tourist attraction, and during the Japanese Occupation it was listed as one of Taiwan’s “Big Three” forest management areas along with Taipingshan and Basienshan. The Alishan Forest Railway, beginning at Beimen (the North Gate) of Chiayi City,...
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