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本館共有二樓,展示規劃設計結合歷年研究調查結果與保育成效加以呈現。一樓的展示間設置有「綠木隧道區」、「森林教室」、「與自然共存」等單元,二樓的壁面則有放大的森林意向圖崁入,視聽室則為來訪的參觀者播放多媒體影片,介紹整個野生動物保護區的現況。 全館藉由各式解說媒材與展示設計,使遊客可以一窺玉里野生動物保護區豐富動植物資源。同時利用本館戶外空地,設置蜜源植物解說區,除了可綠美化環境外,也創造一個活潑有生氣的昆蟲樂園,藉以推廣生態造園的理念。

  • Founding Goal

    We provide schools in the central and southern parts of Hualien with a place to learn about environment protection. We are dedicated to both conservation work and recreational events.

  • Characteristics

    Yuli Wildlife Refuge is situated in the Central Mountain Range. The range is not easily accessible to people, and therefore most members of the public cannot personally experience its rich ecosystem. As a result, in 2004, the Ruisui Working Station was renovated, and it was officially opened on August 3, 2005 as the Ruisui Ecocenter.
    The center’s main managerial goal is to establish a base for the Yuli Wildlife Refuge, for carrying out environmental monitoring and educational work on nature preservation. It can also exhibit the functions that a reserve-management station is supposed to have. The ecocenter preserves and establishes reserve survey databases. Our services are dedicated to nearby community residents and local groups, schools in southern Hualien, travel agencies in the greater Hualien region, and preservation interns who major in related fields in college. 

  • Area intro

    The building has two stories, which show our survey and research results and preservation work over the years. On the first-floor exhibition space, there are the “Green Wood Tunnels,” “Classroom in the Woods,” and “A Life in Harmony with Nature.” On the walls of the second floor, there is an enlarged forest picture. The multimedia room here plays videos which introduce the current status of the wildlife refuge.
    Through all kinds of explanatory media installations, we help visitors to learn about the rich animal and plant resources in the Yuli Wildlife Refuge. We also use outdoor space to establish a nectar plant area, not only greening the environment, but also creating a lively insects’ playground, in the meantime promoting ecological gardening.
    In addition, we also actively conduct outdoor activities. We gradually introduce all the educational projects to surrounding communities, and carry out plans to promote the ecological trails. We expect ourselves to form a good partnership with the locals.


Opening hours 09:00~17:00, Wednesdays~Sundays
Closed days Every Monday and Tuesday (In case of national holidays, closure will be postponed one day), Chinese New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and the day after the New Year
Address No. 58, Sec. 1, Wenchuan Rd., Ruisui Township, Hualien County
Tel 886-3-887-6631
Management unit Hualien Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
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