Nature Center

Nature Center的簡介
Nature Center
In order to integrate all the resources for forest environmental education, to help people walk willingly into forests, and to increase people's love, awareness, values and actions toward the forest, the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency has established 8 Natural Centers at Dongyanshan, Yilan, Basianshan, Aowanda, Chihnan, Chukou, Jhihben, and Shuangliou, respectively. We provide different learning programs according to
clients' requirements. Our programs are delivered in entertaining, interactive and participative ways. The topic includes forest ecology and functions, forest management and technology, and forest culture and ethics.
Dongyanshan Nature Center的簡介
Dongyanshan Nature Center
Located in the Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area, it belongs to the Shiman reservoir catchment area, and is part of the west edge of Xue (Snow) Mountain Range. With its shape similar to the silhouette of a laying person’ face, and the sunrise from the eye hole of the face, it is acco...
Yilan Nature Center的簡介
Yilan Nature Center
Situated in the Yilan Forestry Culture Park, it was a key shipping hub for logging of the Taipingshan Forest Farm in the industry’s early prosperity. The buildings and industrial relics during Japanese Colonial Era still stand to this day, including old locomotives, railway cultural relics and...
Basianshan Nature Center的簡介
Basianshan Nature Center
Situated in the Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area, which was the Basianshan Forest Farm in the early days, had once been called one of the three biggest forest farms in Taiwan, the other two were Taipingshan Forest Farm and Alishan Forest Farm. The peak of Basianshan reaches 2,366 meters ab...
Aowanda Nature Center的簡介
Aowanda Nature Center
Located in the Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area, this area is dominated by river terraces, with many rivers converging here. Mountain-surrounded, with beautiful scenery in four seasons--“spring cherry blossoms, summer waterfalls, autumn moon, and winter maples,” it provides the be...
Chihnan Nature Center的簡介
Chihnan Nature Center
Located in the Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area, in the valley fault zone between Central Mountain Range and Coastal Mountain ranges, it natures biological diversification of both animals and plants with the intact forest of Liyu Hill nearby, and the good aquatic environment of Liyu Lake. A s...
Chukou Nature Center的簡介
Chukou Nature Center
Situated on the Provincial Highway 18 in the Fanlu Township, Chiayi County, it is the only way to be passed to Alishan National Forest Recreation Area, and is very convenient with only a 20-minute drive from downtown Chiayi. It is located in the Tree Bank of South Area, also the Chukou Work Station,...
Jhihben Nature Center的簡介
Jhihben Nature Center
Jhihben Nature Center is in the Tropical Monsoon climate area, features in various plant species such as banyan trees, Bishop wood and lianas; evolving from which the natural phenomenon of wrapping and strangling characteristic of tropical plants, and the spectacular of “Thousand Root Banyan&r...
Shuangliou Nature Center的簡介
Shuangliou Nature Center
Located in Shuangliou National Forest Recreation Area, which is the mountainous area between Central Mountain Range and Hengchun Peninsula, with the running through of Neiwen Creek making its diversity in landforms and waters, the area features in numerous plant species and biological diversificatio...
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