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  • Founding Goal

    We are devoted to environmental preservation, sustainable use of resources, and prosperity shared by all ethnic groups.

  • Characteristics

    The Nanou Ecocenter is situated in an important spot of the Dananao region. The center’s total area is nine hectares, including the Nanao Working Station, Forestry Center and Ecological Center, and a native tree park.
    The ecocenter is close to three important protected areas, including the Wushibi Coastal nature reserve, Nan-ao Broad-leaved Forest nature reserve, and Guanyin Coast Major Wildlife Habitat. As well as guided-tour and promotional work, we also focus on the statuses and immediate threats to surrounding preservation areas. Not only is the ecocenter an educational platform of local nature and culture, visitors can learn more about the preservation, diversity of organisms, operation of forest ecosystems, eco-tourism and community forestry. We aspire to effectively bring into play the functions and services of this ecocenter.

  • Area intro

    The Nanao Ecocenter and Nanao Working Station of the Yilan District Office, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency are in the same building. In 1997, the working station relocated here, and the original camphor afforestation was modified into a native plant garden. The Nanao Ecocenter (including a forestry center and an ecological center) was also built next to the main office building in the same year. The center holds themed exhibitions on the uses of forest resources and ecological conservation in Taiwan, among others.
    Other than indoor exhibitions, the native plant garden is worth going to. The plants are divided into a few categories according to a plant classification system. Currently, there are 47 species and 120 genuses, mostly woody plants, followed by vine and herbal plants. It is a great place for holding outdoor educational events for middle and elementary school children, not only from Yilan County but also the whole of northern Taiwan.


Opening hours 08:00~17:00, Mondays~Sundays
Closed days Chinese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
Address No. 55, Zhongzheng Rd., Nanao Village, Nanao Township, Yilan County
Tel 886-3-998-1060
Management unit Yilan Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
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