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Feel Nature's Vibes
Bathe Under the Sun Feel Nature's Vibes


Taiwan enjoys an impressive forest coverage rate of 60.71%, and this makes forests a critical resource in Taiwan. To other countries around the world, forests are also an important natural resource and the best tool for environment protection. Since the global environment has become worse and climate change has resulted in many impacts, international protocols are implemented to mitigate global warming, maintain a balanced natural ecology, and develop biodiversity through forest-related work. 

The Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency is devoted to sustainable forest management and natural conservation. Based on environment protection, economic development, and social justice, the agency has implemented many tasks. In recent years, the agency even devotes itself to growing healthy forests, building a forest value chain, cracking down on illegal logging, strengthening national forest management, promoting natural-reserve operations, and boosting mountain-village ecological economies. In the future, the agency’s goals will be the following: prohibiting logging in natural forests, using international regulations to manage economic forests, and deepening the Satoyama Initiative. 
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