Mangrove Ecocenter

  • Mangrove Ecocenter


  • Founding Goal

    Through the promotion of wetland environment education and nature preservation, we construct a harmonious relationship between humans and Mother Nature.

  • Characteristics

    This reserve and ecocenter is the closest to Taipei. You can get here by MRT!
    The Mangrove Ecocenter was officially opened in 1997. It is inside MRT Hongshulin Station and right next to the Danshuei River Mangrove nature reserve. Due to the preciousness of mangrove plants and ecosystem and in order to promote the protection of the mangrove nature reserve, the Mangrove Econcenter was founded.

  • Area intro

    The Mangrove Ecocenter is small but beautiful. Inside the ecocenter, there are still displays and a multimedia space. We use pictures, posters, lightboxes and many other audio-visual tools to introduce the star species of the mangrove-- kandelia, as well as the ecosystems of fiddler crabs, mudskippers and water birds. In addition, there is an observatory in which you can observe the reserve at a close distance. Through the observatory window with excellent views, you can see the spectacular mangrove, Tamsui River, Guanyin Mountain, and bright red Guandu Bridge.

    Because the ecocenter is right next to the Danshuei Mangrove nature reserve, you can see the mangrove ecosystem closely. If there is a need, you can reserve a guided tour ahead of time. By joining one of our tours, you can enter the little outdoor ecological path, personally experience the mangrove ecosystem, and get close to the water birds, intertidal zone creatures, and diverse river organisms in the reserve.


Opening hours 09:00~17:00, Tuesdays~Sundays
Closed days Every Monday (In case of national holidays, closure will be postponed one day), Chinese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
Address 2F., No.68, Sec. 2, Zhongzheng E. Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City
Tel 886-2-2808-2995
Management unit Yilan District Office, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
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