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Geoparks in Taiwan, Harmony between People and the Land

In the international society, the acts to “protect geological heritage” and enforce proper planning of “geology-based eco-tourism” brought about the formation of “geological parks”. In Taiwan, the Forestry Bureau launched the “Taiwan Geoparks Network”, aiming to establish an exchange platform between the geological parks in Taiwan and lay down the standards for management of the geological parks. The geological parks in Taiwan carry the mission to effectively protect the rare natural landscapes,

  • One day a forestry worker, always a forestry worker

    This is a key transformational period for the Taiwan forestry. In the face of global environmental deterioration and snowballing climate change, the world has realized that forests provide an effective means of protecting the ecological balance and biodiversity.

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  • The Memory of Alishan

    In 1903, Dr. Shitarou Kawai of Forestry conducted a field survey in Alishan. Later on he prepared a framework of Alishan’s forest and railway development. Over ten years later, Dr.Shitarou Kawai returned to Alishan. What he saw was row upon row of logger’s huts and steam locomotives running back and forth carrying 1000-year-old logs. The “endless” lush forest with more than 300 thousand Taiwan red-cypress and yellow-cypress trees had turned into a production base of the logging industry. A hun

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  • Colorful Habitat II -Dan Ta Rare Wildlife Introduction

    Dan Ta Major Wildlife Habitat, north Cilan Major Wildlife Habitat and south Guanshan Major Wildlife Habitat, to become the ecological preservation of Central Mountains, These places have a lot of animals. We introduce seven raptors in the film and record Ictinaetus malayensis and Spizaetus nipalensis breeds its offspring here. About Brachypteryx montana reproduction is the first time be recorded in Taiwan. It’s so true, nature and precious.

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  • Embrace the mountains revive the forests-Guanshan Major Wildlife Natural Habitat

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  • Bats Under the Starlight Forest in Nantou

    There are a total of 35 known species of bats in Taiwan. Of these, more than 20 species live in the forests within the jurisdictional area of the Nantou Forest District Office. With a rich variety of habitats and abundant food, these forests are the perfect home for bats; in fact, this area constitutes one of the finest bat habitats in Taiwan. Let us explore the fascinating bat ecosystems that can be found within the Nantou Forest District Office jurisdictional area!

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