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Bathe Under the Sun Feel Nature's Vibes

Bilingual Glossary

No. Chinese English
21 生物多樣性 biodiversity
22 枝材 branchwood
23 枝條材 branchwood
24 闊葉林 broadleaved fores; hardwood forest
25 闊葉樹 broadleaved tree; hardwood tree
26 褐根腐病 Brown Root
27 褐根病 brown root rot disease
28 土地台帳圖 cadastral map; property map; cadastre
29 高美野生動物保護區 Caomei Wetlands Wildlife Refuge
30 碳吸存 Carbon sequestration
31 碳匯 Carbon sink
32 保安林種類 category of protection forest
33 中央山脈保育廊道 Central Mountain Range Conservation Corridor
34 植物認證 certification of plants; certification of planting; seed certification; planting stock certification
35 種子保證單 certification of seed
36 茶茶牙賴山野生動物重要棲息環境 Chachayalaishan Major Wildlife Habitat
37 插天山自然保留區 Chatianshan Nature Reserve
38 嘉義縣鰲鼓野生動物重要棲息環境 Chayi County Aogu Major Wildlife Habitat
39 嘉義林區管理處 Chiayi Forest District Office
40 池南國家森林遊樂區 Chihnan Forest Recreation Area
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