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Bilingual Glossary

No. Chinese English
41 池南自然教育中心 Chihnan Nature Center
42 觸口自然教育中心 Chukou Nature Center
43 出雲山自然保留區 Chuyunshan Nature Reserve
44 棲蘭野生動物重要棲息環境 Ci-lan Major Wildlife Habitat
45 清理伐 cleaning; liberation release; final cutting; final felling; removal-cutting
46 除伐 cleaning; liberation; release; liberation-cutting
47 海岸林 coastal forest
48 海岸山脈野生動物重要棲息環境 Coastal Mountain Range Major Wildlife Habitat
49 共管 co-management
50 經濟林 commercial forest; production forest
51 生產林 commercial forest; production forest; managed forest
52 社區林業 community forestry
53 林班 compartment; forest compartment
54 針葉樹 conifer tree; softwood tree
55 針闊葉混淆林 coniferous and broadleaved mixed forest
56 針葉林 coniferous forest
57 保育組 Conservation Division
58 瀕臨絕種野生動植物國際貿易公約(華盛頓公約,簡稱CITES) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
59 萌芽林 coppice forest; sprout forest; low forest; coppice with standards
60 萌芽 coppice shoot; sprout
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